The Hayling Sentence Completion Test evaluates the ability to inhibit an automatic response. It has also been suggested for the assessment of orbitofrontal cortex function. The aim of the study was to develop a Spanish version of the Hayling test and to obtain normative data.


Responses to 60 sentences from 50 healthy controls were used to develop the task. Additionally, 185 healthy controls aged between 18 and 99 years were examined with the test in order to obtain normative data. The overlapping interval strategy was used to maximize the sample size. Age- and education-adjusted scores were obtained using linear regression analysis.


Age and educational level had a significant effect on the different scores. Good internal reliability and inter-rater variability were observed.


We provide normative data adjusted for age and education. Our results enable the use of this test for clinical and research purposes in the field of neuropsychological assessment.

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