Twenty-two students in the Coastline Community College Traumatic Head Injury Program completed two sessions of neuropsychological testing spaced 2–3 months apart, using ANAM V1.0. Eight (GP1) were marginally injured, seven (GP2) mildly, and seven (GP3) moderately. Comparisons of first-session accuracy scores with normative data revealed that GP1 was impaired on one test, while GPs 2 and 3 were impaired on 3 and 4 tests, respectively. Second-session accuracy scores were normal for GPs 1 and 2 on all tests, and impaired on one for GP3. Comparisons of first-session efficiency scores with normative data indicated that GP1 was significantly impaired on 2 tests, while GPs 2 and 3 were impaired on all 6. Second-session efficiency scores were normal for GP1 on 5 tests; GPs 2 and 3 also improved but remained impaired on all 6 tests. Based on efficiency, 91 % of the individuals were correctly classified.