New guidelines for training in neuropsychology are needed for several reasons: increased diagnostic accuracy of neuroradiologic techniques: an increasing need for functional neuropsychological evaluations; emergence of other psychological specialities; and managed care/economic factors. Current INS-Division 40 guidelines emphasize neurological and diagnostic areas with minimal suggestions for training in rehabilitation and functional issues. The recent publication of training guidelines for Rehabilitation Psychology (APA Division 22) illustrates weaknesses in Division 40 training. It is proposed that neuropsychological training guidelines (formal guidelines and informal training experiences) incorporate another content area for training and demonstration of competency, defined as Functional Outcomes . Specific training is suggested in: (a) issues in disability; (b) ecological validity of tests; (c) vocational evaluation/training; (d) academic programs for students with disabilities; (e) independent living resources; (f) specific cognitive-behavioral interventions; (g) resources for individuals with disabilities; and (h) government assistance programs for individuals with disabilities.