The current study is the first reported use of both the other-rated and the self-rated forms of the Neuropsychology Behavior and Affect Profile (NBAP; Nelson, Satz, & D'Elia, 1994). Twenty-eight adult patients who were 7 to 27 months post predominantly mild closed head injury completed the self-report form of the NBAP, and their identified relatives/close friends completed the other-rated form of the NBAP. Patients and their relatives endorsed more items on the Inappropriateness and Depression scales for “now,” as compared to “before” the injury. Only the patients endorsed more items on the Pragnosia scale for “now” as compared to “before.” Comparisons of the NBAP pairs found no significant differences between the patients' self-reports and those of their significant others for “before” the injury. Patients endorsed more items on the Indifference and Pragnosia scales for “now,” as compared to their relatives.