This article evaluates the case of an 11-year-old male with congenital agenesis of the corpus callosum, against Rourke's NLD models. A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment was completed, and impairments with attention, movement, fine motor and sensory perception, visuo-spatial organization, and verbal memory were identified. Additionally, a volumetric analysis of the magnetic resonance image (MRI) was completed. Although no gross structural abnormalities, beyond agenesis, were present, the possibility of unobservable abnormalities was considered.

Many predicted NLD deficits were clearly evidenced in this case, including associated behavioral problems. This study concludes that although Rourke's NLD model is descriptive of many aspects of white matter impairments, it may not account for the full range or severity of deficits that may be observed. In callosal agenesis, children may exhibit verbal learning, auditory attentional, and verbal expressive difficulties.