This manuscript reports the results of two studies focusing on patients with mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The first assesses the validity of the Meyers Short Battery (MSB) of neuropsychological tests. The second study reports on the reliability of the MSB. The groups consisted of normal controls, depressed, chronic pain patients, and patients with mild TBI. Validity was assessed using a discriminant function analysis comparing the non-TBI participants with the TBI participants, which showed a 96.1% correct classification rate. When patients were assessed at least 6 months post-injury and re-assessment 12–14 months later, an overall reliability of r=.86 was obtained. This indicates that the MSB has adequate psychometric properties for clinical use. The results are consistent with previous published research indicating that the MSB is sensitive not only to the presence of mild TBI but also to the degree of cognitive impairment based on loss of consciousness.