The Extended Complex Figure Test (ECFT; Fastenau, 1996b, 2003a), adds recognition and matching trials to the Rey–Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCFT). An alternate administration of the ECFT, the ECFT–Motor Independent version (ECFT-MI; Fastenau, 2003a) measures visuospatial memory without the motoric demands of the ROCFT. ECFT-MI test–retest reliabilities were examined in 55 healthy adults tested two times separated by one week. The Recognition Trial showed strong reliability for the Total Score (r = .80, p < .0001). Reliabilities for Recognition Detail Scale and Subscales (r = .62–.74, p < .0001) and for the Global Scale (r = .51, p ≤ .005) were attenuated by fewer items per subscale but were comparable to other memory tests. Matching Trial reliability coefficients were attenuated by extreme ceiling effects and restriction of range, but scores were very consistent between the two administrations. This study supports the temporal stability of the ECFT-MI.