The California Verbal Learning Test – second edition (CVLT-II) is one of the most widely used neuropsychological tests in North America. The present study evaluated the 1-month test-retest reliability and practice effects associated with the standard and alternate forms of the CVLT-II in a sample of 195 healthy adults. Eighty participants underwent repeat assessment using the standard form of the CVLT-II on both occasions, whereas the remaining 115 individuals received the standard form at baseline and the alternate form at follow-up. Consistent with prior research, results revealed generally large test-retest correlation coefficients for the primary CVLT-II measures in both the standard/standard (range=0.80–0.84) and standard/alternate (range=0.61–0.73) cohorts. Despite exhibiting slightly lower test-retest reliability coefficients, participants in the alternate form group displayed notably smaller practice effects (Cohen's d range=−0.01 to 0.18) on the primary indices relative to individuals who received the standard form on both occasions (Cohen's d range=0.27–0.61). Reliable change indices were also generated and applied to primary CVLT-II variables to determine the base rates of significant improvements (range=2–10%), declines (range=0–7%), and stability (range=85–97%) in performance over time. Overall, findings from this study support the test-retest reliability of the standard and alternate forms of the CVLT-II in healthy adults and may enhance the usefulness of this test in longitudinal neuropsychological evaluations.