In disability examinations, benefits may depend on the findings of a psychological consultative examination (PCE), which in Louisiana usually involves a mental status examination and a Wechsler Scale. The disability determinations service (DDS) requires a warning that failure to do one's best may result in an unfavorable decision on the claim, but psychologists are officially discouraged from determining effort by the use of formal effort tests. Consequently, there is a need for internal indicators of effort. Formal testing of effort was undertaken in order to identify indicators of effort within the PCE in WAIS-age and WISC-age claimants. Our findings indicated that the total score of indicators was more predictive of effort than any single indicator. Regression equations yielded information on how much effort contributes to IQ. Classification accuracy for the new rating scale was described for a “dose-response” of effort. Disincentives for malingering detection in the PCE were identified.