This paper presents a historical overview and current perspective of the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM®) test system. We discuss the history of its development along with a synopsis of the evolution of computerized testing that has occurred and led to ANAM® over the past 30 years within the Department of Defense (DoD). We include a description of our current system and test library. Finally, we present an overview of advanced development projects that are presently underway.

We have intentionally avoided addressing issues of reliability, stability, clinical sensitivity, and construct validity in this paper. These issues are presented in other reports in this special issue.

Author notes

Individual programmers that have significantly contributed to the creation and advanced evolution of ANAM include, S. Lacour, K. Raynsford, K. Culligan, M. Flannigan, and P. Muldoon, SPAWSAR, Pensacola, FL.