This study examined the efficacy of two screening batteries developed by Reitan and Wolfson [Reitan, R. M., & Wolfson, D. (2006). Issues in neuropsychology: Where have we succeeded? Where have we failed? What are the clinical and forensic implications? Presented at the 26th annual conference of the National Academy of Neuropsychology] for predicting neuropsychological impairment on the Halstead–Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery for Older Children (ages 9–14) and the Reitan–Indiana Neuropsychological Test Battery (ages 5–8). Sixty-eight subjects were selected from archival data collected from cases in a private practice setting. Using Reitan and Wolfson's recommended screening battery neuropsychological deficit scale score (SBNDS) cut-off of 16/17 correctly classified 82.5% of older children as normal or impaired according to total GNDS scores. The screening battery for young children (n?28) resulted in 100% correct classification using Reitan and Wolfson's recommended SBNDS cut-off of 22/23.

Author notes

Arthur MacNeill Horton Jr., EdD served as the Guest action editor for this manuscript.