Objective: Cognitive impairments and circumscribed strength areas in a child with Hemispatial neglect and Anosognosia Date submitted: 2015–04–01 Topic: Poster Presentation Submitted by: Luis Guzman, M.A. Objective: Right frontal lobe damage has been implicated in difficulty comprehending emotion in the voice of other people and other nonverbal cues, as well as lack of insight into the extent of their limitations and problems (Jenkinson, Preston, & Ellis, 2011). The presented case delineates circumscribed areas of strength within the cognitive profile of an individual presenting with severe Right-Hemisphere deficits resulting from a Traumatic Brain Injury in infancy. Method: The client is a 17-year-old English dominant Latino male affected by Anosognosia and Hemispatial neglect along with a significant history of pituitary issues due to a traumatic brain injury. Presenting problems include: marked difficulty on measures requiring inhibition, cognitive flexibility, higher level cognitive functioning, simultaneous processing, and generalization, attentional difficulties across domains, limited self-care abilities, tantrums, non-verbal memory impairment, and frequent violation of social norms and boundaries. Comprehensive and culturally sensitive neuropsychological instruments were used to obtain information regarding the client's current functioning. Results: Neuropsychological test results revealed severely impaired performance across intellectual, cognitive, non-verbal memory, visuomotor, and socio-emotional domains. Strengths in associative learning were the basis of a behavioral intervention for a child with low levels of insight and difficulty interpreting feedback from the environment. Additional areas of strength capitalized upon in the intervention design included intact long-term memory storage and retrieval, and ability to understand and follow directions with little explanation. Conclusion: The described case illustrates the value of defining and subsequently capitalizing on specific strength areas in an otherwise depressed cognitive profile with profound right-hemisphere damage.