This issue will be my last as Editor-in-Chief of Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology. I should like to take this opportunity to thank the Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board, along with the countless Ad Hoc Reviewers, who provided their time and invaluable expertise to the peer review process. A special thank you goes out to Cecil R. Reynolds, former Editor-in-Chief of Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, for his willingness to serve as the Guest Action Editor for my work.

The staff at Oxford University Press has made my job easier and more enjoyable than I could have ever dreamed. Special thanks to all of the technical and support staff on both sides of the “pond” for making Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology a success.

As you are aware, the National Academy of Neuropsychology sold Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology to Oxford University Press. This move allowed the Editor-in-Chief to function with a greater degree of autonomy. Oxford University Press has been tremendously supportive of the initiatives and efforts of the journal and has provided all of the financial support and assistance to pursue new initiatives, such as the Veterans blog hosted by Associate Editor Lee Ashendorf. The development of the Current Topics in Science and Practice section of the journal was due to the efforts of Associate Editors Kevin Duff and Holly James Westervelt.

Finally, I should thank my wife, Maria C. Ortiz, Ph.D., and my daughters, Laura and Liliana, for their willingness to leave dad sequestered in his study those many nights and weekends.