The New World subgenus Sarcophaga (Neobellieria) Blanchard is revised. The subgenus as previously recognized was polyphyletic. Five species, Sarcophaga semimarginalis Hall, Sarcophaga sternalis (Reinhard), Sarcophaga subdiscalis Aldrich, Sarcophaga triplasia Wulp, and Sarcophaga yorkii Parker, are removed from the subgenus. The remaining five species of Neobellieria are paraphyletic relative to the subgenus Tolucamyia Dodge; accordingly, Tolucamyia is synonymized with Neobellieria. Neobellieria is redefined to include five species assigned previously to Neobellieria (Sarcophaga bullata Parker, Sarcophaga citellivora Shewell, Sarcophaga cooleyi Parker, Sarcophaga libera Aldrich, and Sarcophaga polistensis Hall), three species assigned previously to Tolucamyia [Sarcophaga cavagnaroi (Dodge), Sarcophaga schrameli Dodge, and Sarcophaga sigilla Reinhard], and one new species, Sarcophaga (Neobellieria) longisterna Giroux & Wheeler. Sarcophaga marstoniana (Dodge) is synonymized with S. sigilla. Lectotypes are designated for Sarcophaga bullata and S. cooleyi. Although there are relatively few rearing records for most Neobellieria species, some species develop primarily in vertebrates or vertebrate carrion; this group includes myiasis-causing species and species of importance in forensic entomology. Two species (S. libera and S. polistensis) are associated with nests of Hymenoptera.

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