Barkin, R. M. (Bureau of Epidemiology, CDC, Atlanta, GA 30333). Measles mortality: A retrospective look at the vaccine era.Am J Epidemiol102:341–349, 1975.

Measles mortality provides an indicator in defining the population at greatest risk of experiencing serious complications from measles as well as serving as a parameter in assessing the impact of immunization programs. Efforts to vaccinate susceptible children have helped to reduce measles morbidity and mortality in the United States. Mortality rates were highest in children 6–11 months of age. Higher mortality rates were noted in places with less than 10,000 people and in counties having a large percentage of the population with incomes below poverty level. Vaccine should be accessible to all populations, but intensive efforts need to be directed toward groups at high risk of dying from measles who are suffering from a myriad of other health, social, and economic problems.

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