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Volume 27, Issue suppl_7
1 July 2016
ISSN 0923-7534
EISSN 1569-8041
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The Japanese Society of Medical Oncology 2016 Annual Meeting Kobe, Japan, 28-30 July 2016

Barrier-free cancer drug therapy by medical oncology & clinical pharmacology

Implementation of Personalized Medicine using Pharmacogenomics: Current status and future challenges

Use of PGx information for prediction of severe adverse drug reactions: Current status and future perspectives

Regulatory T cells as a target of cancer immunotherapy

Current status of immune check point inhibitors for solid malignancy

Tags: cancer

PD-1 signal inhibitors: Future perspectives and Issues

Immune checkpoint blockage in lymphoma

Multi-gene assay ‘Curebest 95GC’ for recurrence prediction for ER+/HER2-/n0 breast cancer patients

Overcoming endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer, a cat and mouse game?

Phase Ia/Ib study of taselisib in Japanese patients with solid tumors or hormone receptor positive breast cancer

HBOC management in PARP inhibitor development: Japanese perspective

Vandetanib for thyroid cancer

Phase II trial of sorafenib for advanced or metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

Current Status of Lenvatinib for Thyroid Cancer

Alectinib vs Crizotinib

Development of a Nationwide Genomic Screening Network and Clinical Trial for Lung Cancer with Rare Driver Oncogenes

Personalized Medicine in HER2-positive breast cancer

HER2 targeting therapy for advanced gastric cancer

Ramucirumab for Gastric Cancer

Current status and future perspective of perioperative chemotherapy for localized gastric cancer

Novel molecular target therapies and therapeutic strategy for overcoming resistance and disease persistence in leukemia

Acquired resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy and new insights toward the overcoming

Tags: angiogenesis

Development of SOCS gene therapy for intractable cancers: The discovery and therapeutic application of SOCS

Development of RNAi-based anticancer drug: What is problem for clinical application and how establish a useful RNAi drug

Current status of biotherapies and chemotherapies for GEP-NETs

Current status of molecular targeted therapies for GEP-NET in Japan

Efficacy and Safety of Everolimus in Advanced Nonfunctional Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET) of Lung or Gastrointestinal (GI) Origin: Findings From the Asian Subgroup Analysis of the RADIANT-4 Study

Current status and perspective of systemic chemotherapies for GEP-NEC

The clinical outcome of pazopanib treatment for soft tissue sarcomas: A Japanese Musculoskeletal Oncology Group study

Clinical trials of trabectedin for soft tissue sarcoma

SCRUM for sarcoma

Tags: sarcoma

Molecular-targeted therapies and genomic characterization in gynecologic cancers

PD-1 signal inhibitors for ovarian cancer: Perspectives and issues

New Treatment Options in Gynecologic Malignancy The PI3K/AKT/mTOR Inhibitor in Gynecologic Malignancy

Antiangiogenic therapy in gynecologic malignancy

Early specialized palliative care in Japan: a feasibility study

Current status and future perspective in metastatic colorectal cancer: SCRUM-Japan GI-SCREEN project in Japan

UGT1A1 genotype as an indicator of neutropenia for FOLFOXIRI with bevacizumab in patients with mCRC (QUATTRO study)

Subgroup analysis in RAISE: a phase III study of FOLFIRI + ramucirumab or placebo in patients with advanced mCRC

Final survival results of a multicenter phase I/II study of TAS-102 with bevacizumab for mCRC (C-TASK FORCE)

Tags: bevacizumab

Update on treatment strategy for patients with BRAF-mutated melanoma

Latest Advance to Clinical Development and Future Perspective for RAS/BRAF-mutated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Structure-based drug design of small-molecule Ras inhibitors having anti-tumor activity

Current status of FOLFIRINOX in Japan: modified or original?

Tags: folfirinox

Gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel in Japan

A Challenge of joining the EORTC Quality of Life Group from Japan

Cons: Health-Related Quality-of-Life assessment in cancer clinical trials - Global standard? Nothing but mirage? -

The vision of Japanese guidelines for the proper use of G-CSF and future perspective

Current Status of Management of Febrile Neutropenia in Chemotherapy for Solid Tumors

Introduction: Strategies to overcome endocrine resistance

ESR1 gene alterations related to endocrine resistance in metastatic breast cancer

Activities in new oncology agent development in Japan

Molecular target therapy of AYA-generation lung cancer based on druggable gene alterations

Starting a multidisciplinary team for Adolescents and Young Adults with cancer in National Cancer Center Hospital

Selective Btk inhibitor, ONO/GS-4059: Preclinical evidence supporting the combination with Idelalisib and obinutuzumab

Clinical development of BTK inhibitors in Japan

Scientific basis of new targeted therapies for myeloma

Histone deacetylases as novel therapeutic targets for refractory and relapsed multiple myeloma

Clinical Trial Methodology for Geriatric Oncology –JCOG Geriatric Research Policy

Urinary biomarkers of acute kidney injury in anti-cancer drug treatment

Delayed elimination of SN-38 in cancer patients with severe renal failure: mechanism and appropriate irinotecan dose

Pharmacokinetic study of S-1, an oral fluorouracil antitumor agent in Japanese patients with impaired renal function

Evidence of reactivation of hepatitis B virus in patients receiving chemotherapy for malignancies

Quality management of cancer chemotherapy using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle method by chemotherapy team

The efficacy of a simple surveillance and ordering system for hepatitis virus B reactivation

Effectiveness of hepatitis alert system implementation on regimen adaptation for electronic medical record

Support system for AYA (around young adults) cancer survivors –learning from young breast cancer survivors

Current situation and problems around survivorship support -Psychological care for AYA patients-

What deadly cancer survivor can do to make a difference —changing the world one step at a time

New development of epidemiology and therapeutic strategies in gastrointestinal-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in Japan

What should we do for better management of hereditary tumor syndromes? In the case of hereditary endocrine tumors

Current status and future perspective of HBOC: screening to risk-reducing surgery

Team management for skin toxicity induced by afatinib


Tags: everolimus

Cancer therapy targeted to CD44v-xCT-mediated antioxidant system

Novel therapeutic strategies to eradicate tumors by targeting cancer stem-like cells

Tags: cancer, neoplasms

New approaches in developmental therapies for patients with biliary tract cancer

Clinical trials of gemcitabine/cisplatin/S-1 (GCS) combination therapy for patients with advance biliary tract cancer

Fibroblast growth factor receptors as a potential therapeutic target in patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Proton beam therapy combined with chemotherapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Proton radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Potential utility of concurrent particle beam and drug therapy from a medical oncologist's view

J-SUPPORT: Japan Supportive, Palliative and Psychosocial Oncology Group

Rare cancers; off label use

Development of the public health system including insurance non-covered services and private health insurance

Involvement of medical oncologists in the treatment of urological cancer

Current Primary Systemic Therapy and Future Perspectives in patients with HER2-positive Breast Cancer

Personalized medicine for HER2 positive breast cancer

Treatment strategy for metastatic breast cancers

Precision medicine for HER2 negative metastatic breast cancer

What is a ‘real collaboration’ between medical and dental professionals in cancer treatment?

Clinical practice and evidence on rehabilitation for patients undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation

Overseas training for oncology pharmacists in 2015

Significance and Evidences of Appearance Support by Medical Stuff: Development of ‘a Guideline for Appearance Support’

‘St. Luke’s Beauty Ring’ for women with cancer on chemotherapy; How to cope with the appearance changes

Target therapy combination for breast cancer

Appropriate clinical practice based on the Japanese guideline for unknown primary carcinoma

Nucleic Acid Therapeutics targeting microRNAs

Upregulation of Oncogenic miR-221 in Human Colon Cancer Stem Cells

A novel combination of serum microRNAs for detecting breast cancer and predicting efficacy of treatment

Pros and cons of docetaxel used to treat metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: The cons

Perspectives on CRPC treatment -enzalutamide is promised as a first option for CRPC treatment-

Tags: enzalutamide

Abiraterone acetate as first-line treatment for CRPC

Tags: abiraterone

Preoperative therapy for luminal breast cancer-chemotherapy

From the viewpoint of Endocrine therapy

Induction chemotherapy for organ preservation strategy (Pros)

Chemoradiotherapy the gold standard

Management for ‘high-risk’ patients

Prognostic predictors required for end-of-life discussions

Can the patients always make rational choice?: Libertarian paternalism and behavioral economics perspectives

Strategy for Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression: High Volume Center Experience

Clinical Significance of Prophylactic Radiotherapy for Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression

Learn more, Go further at the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)

Geriatric assessment for the evaluation of tolerability to out-patient chemotherapy among elderly cancer patients

Geriatric Oncology in Japan

Immune checkpoint inhibitor ∼past, present, and next challenge ∼

Development of radiation therapy techniques including intensity-modulated radiation therapy

Palliative Radiotherapy for Painful Bone Metastases

Is the new era of personalized medicine coming in head and neck cancer?

New Ethical Guideline for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects

Tags: ethics

Management of cancer-associated thrombosis

Treatment of Malignant Pleural Effusions

Recent advances in telomere biology for new cancer medicine

Tags: cancer, telomere

The development of molecular targeted therapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: latest evidence and updates

Therapeutic strategy for multiple myeloma -recent progress-

Systemic treatment for bone and soft tissue sarcomas -current concepts and the latest findings-

Phase (ph) 3 study of eribulin (ERI) vs dacarbazine (DTIC) in leiomyosarcoma (LMS) and liposarcoma (LPS) patients (pts)

How should we use ALK inhibitors separately?

Predictors of the usefulness of corticosteroids for the cancer related fatigue in end-of-life patients

Applicability of Mini Nutritional Assessment as a predictor of survival in palliative chemotherapy

Chemoradiotherapy versus surgery for clinical stage I esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a long-term comparison

Clinical outcome of docetaxel plus cisplatin and fluorouracil (DCF) therapy for metastatic esophageal cancer

Feasibility study of neo-chemoradiotherapy for stage IB/II/III esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: A 4-year follow up

Relationship between Adverse Events and Efficacy of Lenvatinib for Thyroid Cancer

Post-marketing surveillance of all patients treated with sorafenib for unresectable DTC in Japan: Interim report

Detectability of druggable gene fusions by amplicon-based next generation sequencing in LC-SCRUM-Japan

Implementation of clinical sequencing using a comprehensive gene panel (OncoPrimeTM)

Tags: genes

TGF-beta regulates CD44 expression of cancer cells through epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in malignant ascites

NANOG expression as a responsive biomarker during treatment with Hedgehog signal inhibitor in acute myeloid leukemia

Phase 2 Trial of Bi-weekly Cetuximab for Recurrent or Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (BIC-K Trial)

TAS-102 in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer refractory to standard therapies including regorafenib

KRAS mutations of colorectal cancer -clinical analysis as a prognostic factor and in vitro assay of proliferation-

Metastatic colorectal cancer patients who achieved long progression-free survival by regorafenib or TAS-102 therapy

Associations of IGFBP3 SNPs, methylation and recurrence risk in patients with stage II colorectal cancer

Management of Enzalutamide Related Adverse Events for Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer by Patient Reported Outcomes

Nephrotoxicity induced by long term administration of VEGFR inhibitors for metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging can distinguish between active and inactive multiple myeloma

Rapid detection of JAK2 V617F mutation in myeloproliferative disorders

RIZ1 negatively regulates IGF-1 expression in chronic myeloid leukemia

Significance of upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy during small intestinal screening in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Study of Pneumocystis Pneumonia of Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole in NHL patients receiving R-CHOP regimen

Phase II trial of Eribulin/S-1 combination therapy for advanced/recurrent breast cancer

Impact of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Breast Cancer Patients with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Depends on Subtypes

Study on expression of androgen-receptor splice variant-7 (AR-V7) in preoperative chemotherapy for breast cancer

Retrospective study of the facial cutaneous symptoms caused by taxanes

Chemotherapy in patients with recurrent or persistent clear cell carcinomas

Impact of various modalities of treatment for cervical cancer on sexual function assessed using the LENT SOMA scales

Characterization of a loss of skeletal muscle mass in advanced pancreatic cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Effects of self-management program on antiemetic-induced constipation during chemotherapy: randomized controlled trial

Retrospective Study on the Relationship between Oral Complications and Dental Conditions during Anti-cancer Therapy

Phase I study of carboplatin, S-1 and concurrent thoracic radiotherapy for elderly patients with locally advanced NSCLC

Bmab+oral 5-FU therapy is appropriate for first-line treatment of elderly patients with ARCC

Phase II Study of Tegafur/Uracil and Leucovorin plus Bevacizumab for Elderly Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Clinical characteristics of cancer of unknown primary site based on a new risk category

Clinical time courses, characteristics, and prognosis of the patients suspected with carcinoma of unknown primary

Development of a nationwide genomic screening project (LC-SCRUM-Japan) for small cell lung cancer for precision medicine

Re-biopsy patterns among non-small cell lung cancer patients(pats) in Japan: a retrospective study

Overall survival (OS) of EGFR mutation-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): 1,660 Japanese patients (pts)

Effect of denosumab on change of bone resorption marker in postmenopausal breast cancer patients

Feasibility study of dose dense epirubicin and cyclophosphamide in the primaly breast cancer treatment

Prediction of the treatment response to eribulin chemotherapy in breast cancer using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Clinical verification of tumour immune microenvironment in eribulin chemotherapy for breast cancer

Safety and efficacy of durvalumab (MEDI4736) plus tremelimumab in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Possible stimulatory immune checkpoint molecules releasing allows adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma development

Avelumab (MSB0010718C; anti-PD-L1), in Japanese patients with advanced gastric cancer: results from phase Ib trial

RAS-MAPK signaling is required for the enhanced PD-L1 expression in human lung cancers

Phase II Study of Nivolumab (ONO-4538/BMS-936558) for Esophageal Cancer: Clinical activity by PD-L1 expression analysis

Outcome Analysis of DLBCL in HIV-infected and non-HIV-infected patients

Retreatment with bendamustine in patients with relapsed/refractory indolent B-cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma

Effect of clarithromycin add-on therapy for patients with lenalidomid-resistant multiple myeloma

Loss of muscle mass associated with the long term use of mTOR inhibitors

Comparison of DRPM and MEPM as the first-line therapy in FN patients with acute leukemia: A randomized, controlled trial

Phase I trial of pimasertib monotherapy in Japanese patients with solid tumors or hepatocellular carcinoma

Phase I study of roniciclib (BAY1000394), an oral CDK inhibitor in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors

Phase I study of DFP-11207, a novel chemotherapeutic agent, in patients with solid tumors by reasonable dose escalation

Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics (PK) of ABT-414 in Japanese Patients (pts) with Recurrent Malignant Glioma

Analysis of biomarkers in a pilot study of pertuzumab, trastuzumab and eribulin for advanced HER2 positive breast cancer

Clarification of mechanisms of acquired resistance for EGFR-TKIs using plasma samples

Clinical Application of Liquid Biopsy in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Phase II study of carboplatin/pemetrexed/bevacizumab for non-squamous NSCLC with carcinomatous pleuritis (NEJ013A)

Randomized PII Trial Comparing CDDP/TS1 With CDDP/DTX With Concurrent Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced NSCLC (TORG1018)

Weekly Paclitaxel plus Cetuximab in the primary treatment of metastatic/recurrent squamous cell cancer of head and neck

Survival of elderly patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer and a high comorbidity index

Identification and validation of a prognostic biomarker panel in head and neck cancer and therapeutic stratification

Global GIDEON data: Subgroup analysis of sorafenib dosing pattern in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

Statins improve outcomes of non-surgical curative treatments in hepatocellular carcinoma patients

The Maximum Tumor Reduction Rate of Sunitinib for Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor in Single Center Experience

Prognostic factors in patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer

Gemcitabine and nab-paclitaxel combination therapy for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer

Sorafenib Exposure and Clinical Outcomes in Hepatocellular, Renal Cell, and Differentiated Thyroid Carcinomas

Predictive factors of invasive breast cancer recurrence for patients achieving pCR after neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Reduction of psoas muscle volume during chemotherapy for esophageal cancer may be a negative predictor of the outcome

A case of cancer education for high school students who joined the cancer awareness event in a community hospital

Importance to clarify germline hMLH1 K618A missense mutation for clinical surveillance and genetic counseling

Molecular genetic and epigenetic markers of Imatinib resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia patients

Tumor Free Surgical Margin of Post-Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy among Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients

Our experience of chemotherapy with ramucirumab in combination with paclitaxel

ARID1A expression in advanced gastric cancer: Correlation with clinical outcome and response to first-line chemotherapy

Chemo-immunotherapy using lentinan for the treatment of inopeable gastric cancer with multiple liver metastases

FOLFIRINOX and gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel as second-line or later chemotherapy and for locally advanced disease

The Factors Influence Sorafenib Treatment in Liver and Hepatoma Cells

Significance of Plectin Deficiency in Liver and Hepatoma Cells for Cell Migration

Nuclear Pleomorphism and Cytoskeletal Disorganization in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Analysis of 148 cases of EGFR mutation-positive lung cancer patients

The impact of traveling distance to the hospital in cases of treatment using EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Investigation between OS and clinical and laboratory findings at the time of administering chemotherapy in ED-SCLC

A retrospective analysis of efficacy and safety of irinotecan plus cisplatin in ED-SCLC patients with pleural effusion

Prognostic significance of GRP78/BiP expression in advanced thymic cancer

Role of Melatonin and Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Pathogenesis of Malignant Melanoma

Anti Cancer Activity of Exclusive Biological ‘cocktail’ – ALTAV

Tags: cancer

Pegfilgrastim for patients with malignant lymphoma in our hospital

Study of the efficacy and safety of G-CSF BS preparation for malignant lymphoma initial chemotherapy

Consolidative Chemotherapy in Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Residual Disease After Definitive Chemoradiation

The Efficacy of Eribulin Monotherapy after Anthracycline and Taxane in HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer

The positioning of Eribulin and Bevacizumab+PTX in the whole treatment for HER2- advanced breast cancer

DCF therapy is useful for the treatment of borderline resecatble esophageal carcinoma from early stage experience

FOLFOX or XELOX as adjuvant therapy after curative resection of metastatic or relapsed colorectal cancer

Treatment for regorafenib-resistant colorectal cancer patients

Retrospective Study as FirstLine Chemotherapy cetuximab plus FOLFIRI for unresectable KRAS wild type colorectal cancer

Hyperthermic Isolated Pelvic Perfusion to Treat Pelvic Malignancies: First Russian Experience

Risk of colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease in Taiwan population

Efficacy and safety of molecular targeting drugs in patients with metastatic thyroid cancer

Impact of pharmacist outpatient interventions on management of Lenvatinib for thyroid cancer patients

Achievement of at least PR was a robust prognostic factor in patients with refractory/relapsed DLBCL

Retrospective analysis of treatment state in 18 patients had malignant lymphoma and overlap cancer

The efficacy and safety of re-administration of rasburicase for patients with hematological malignancies

Cytotoxic Effects of Gallic Acid Derivatives on Hormone Dependent Breast Cancer MCF-7

Detection and management of everolimus associated pneumonitis with serum markers for interstitial pneumonia

Role of Melatonin in Expression of Nitric Oxide Synthesis in NSCLC Cell Culture in Vitro

Utility of Computed tomography before adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with colorectal cancer after curative resection

A retrospective investigation of low dose oxycodone injection in opioid naive elderly terminal cancer patients

What are the patient expectations from the palliative chemotherapy?

Roles of Long-term Treatment Ward and Community Based Integrated Care Ward in the Terminal Care of Lung Cancer

Innovation of multidisciplinary oncologic team through the workshops in rural area. -The challenge of MAHOLOBA-juku-

Evaluation of stool chart for management of diarrhea induced by afatinib therapy

Dose-reduction gemcitabine and S1 combination therapy in over 70 years old patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer

Can skin compression with prophylactic drugs for CIPN lead to better anticancer effects?

Assessment of Psychosocial and Functional Distress of cancer Patients in Developing country

PII trial of zoledronic acid in NSCLC pts with bone metastases and elevated marker of osteoclast activity

Risk factor analysis of skeletal related events in gastric cancer patients with bone metastasis

A successful case of switching treatment from crizotinib to alectinib after the onset of crizotinib-induced ILD

An autopsy case of thyroid cancer in a patient who died from perforative peritonitis during lenvatinib therapy

Trastuzumab Based Chemotherapy in Two Patients with HER2-Positive Metastatic Carcinoma ex Pleomorphic Adenoma

Erythema multiforme major after treatment with bosutinib: a case report

A high-dose intravenous oxycodon therapy is a safe and efficient way to relieve severe cancer pain: a case report

Tags: cancer pain

Two Cases of Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Solid Tumors

ARAMIS trial: Efficacy and safety of ODM-201 in men with high-risk nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Metastatic descending colon cancer in an elderly man that was controlled with a combination chemotherapy after TAS-102

Treatment of TAS-102 in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

Effects of abiraterone in Japanese men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer after enzalutamide treatment

A Case of gastrointestinal stromal tumor complicated by hypercalcemia induced by parathyroid hormone-related protein

A case of peripheral T-cell lymphoma of the thyroid gland with Hashimoto's disease

Two cases of pulmonary MALT lymphoma observed single consolidation containing air bronchograms

AITL and HES with FIP1L1/PDGFRa fusion gene effectively treated with imatinib

Three cases of breast cancer with cystoid macular edema during paclitaxel therapy

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