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The Best of 2016

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Dear Colleague, 

The past year has been an exciting time for oncology. Beyond organ-specific progress we have seen significant advances in the fields of onco-immunotherapy, as well as precision medicine. Annals of Oncology has endeavoured to provide readers with cutting edge clinical research and to meet the demand for papers in these areas. We have continued to strive to bring only the highest quality articles to our audience, rejecting a high number of submitted manuscripts (we have a rejection rate of 89%) and accepting only those that the editorial team feel represent top-level research.

We have increased the number of published original articles in emerging and fast-moving areas such as onco-immunology and precision medicine and have continued to publish a large number of randomized trials, focused reviews and high-profile guidelines, which we believe are of great value to the scientific community. New features have also been reinforced during 2016, such as the Statistical Controversies in Clinical Research series, and the Industry Corner: perspectives and controversies.

The Associate Editors and I have selected some of the best articles published in Annals in 2016, as always a challenging task to choose a small number from so many good articles published throughout the year. We hope you find them thought-provoking and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative and high quality scientific research to our readers in 2017.

Professor Jean-Charles Soria 



Breast Tumors
Molecular imaging as a tool to investigate heterogeneity of advanced HER2-positive breast cancer and to predict patient outcome under trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1): the ZEPHIR trial
G. Gebhart

S. Michiels et al

D. Fumagalli et al

E. Vrdoljak et al

Early Drug Development
Challenges of phase 1 clinical trials evaluating immune checkpoint-targeted antibodies
S. Postel-Vinay

Validation and development of MTH1 inhibitors for treatment of cancer
U. Warpman Berglund et al

European cancer mortality predictions for the year 2016 with focus on leukaemias
M. Malvezzi

The global decrease in cancer mortality: trends and disparities
D. Hashim et al

Gastrointestinal Tumors
Oxaliplatin and 5-FU/folinic acid (modified FOLFOX6) with or without aflibercept in first-line treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: the AFFIRM study
G. Folprecht et al

ESMO consensus guidelines for the management of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
E. Van Cutsem et al

Outcome according to KRAS-, NRAS- and BRAF-mutation as well as KRAS mutation variants: pooled analysis of five randomized trials in metastatic colorectal cancer by the AIO colorectal cancer study group
D. P. Modest et al

Gynecological Tumors
ESMO-ESGO-ESTRO Consensus Conference on Endometrial Cancer: diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
N. Colombo et al

Prognostic and predictive effects of primary versus secondary platinum resistance for bevacizumab treatment for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer in the AURELIA trial
F. Trillsch et al

Global trends and predictions in ovarian cancer mortality
M. Malvezzi et al

Hematologic Malignancies
ESMO consensus conference on malignant lymphoma: general perspectives and recommendations for prognostic tools in mature B-cell lymphomas and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
M. Ladetto, C. et al

Effect of nivolumab on health-related quality of life in patients with treatment-naïve advanced melanoma: results from the phase III CheckMate 066 study
G. V. Long et al

Clinical outcomes of melanoma brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery and anti-PD-1 therapy, anti-CTLA-4 therapy, BRAF/MEK inhibitors, BRAF inhibitor, or conventional chemotherapy
K. A. Ahmed et al

Management of immune checkpoint blockade dysimmune toxicities: a collaborative position paper
S. Champiat

Immune escape to PD-L1/PD-1 blockade: seven steps to success (or failure)
J. M. Kim and D. S. Chen

Oncology Practice
ESMO European Consortium Study on the availability, out-of-pocket costs and accessibility of antineoplastic medicines in Europe
N. Cherny et al

Precision Medicine
IDH mutations in cancer and progress toward development of targeted therapeutics
L. Dang

Minimally invasive genomic and transcriptomic profiling of visceral cancers by next-generation sequencing of circulating exosomes
F. A. San Lucas

Distinct subclonal tumour responses to therapy revealed by circulating cell-free DNA
G. Gremel et al

Phase II study of MLN8237 (Alisertib) in advanced/metastatic sarcoma
M. A. Dickson et al

Supportive Care
Single-dose fosaprepitant for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting associated with moderately emetogenic chemotherapy: results of a randomized, double-blind phase III trial
C. Weinstein

Predictive modeling of the outcomes of chemotherapy-induced (febrile) neutropenia prophylaxis with biosimilar filgrastim (MONITOR-GCSF study)
M. Aapro et al

Thoracic Tumors
Afatinib beyond progression in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer following chemotherapy, erlotinib/gefitinib and afatinib: phase III randomized LUX-Lung 5 trial
M. Schuler

Detection of ubiquitous and heterogeneous mutations in cell-free DNA from patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer
M. Jamal-Hanjani et al

Correlation of EGFR-expression with safety and efficacy outcomes in SQUIRE: a randomized, multicenter, open-label, phase III study of gemcitabine–cisplatin plus necitumumab versus gemcitabine–cisplatin alone in the first-line treatment of patients with stage IV squamous non-small-cell lung cancer
L. Paz-Ares et al

Urogenital Tumors
Frequent PD-L1 expression in primary and metastatic penile squamous cell carcinoma: potential opportunities for immunotherapeutic approaches
A. M. Udager et al

Top Altmetrics in 2016

Global trends and predictions in ovarian cancer mortality

ESMO consensus guidelines for the management of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

ESMO European Consortium Study on the availability, out-of-pocket costs and accessibility of antineoplastic medicines in Europe

In the news, 2016

January 2016: European cancer mortality predictions for the year 2016 with focus on leukaemias

August 2016: Is it best to expect the worst? Influence of patients' side-effect expectations on endocrine treatment outcome in a 2-year prospective clinical cohort study

September 2016: Global trends and predictions in ovarian cancer mortality

Top reviewers

Myung-Ju Ahn
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Salah-Eddin Al-Batran
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Maria Alsina
Barcelona, Spain

Julia Bonastre
Villejuif, France

Jaume Capdevila
Barcelona, Spain

Matteo S Carlino
Westmead, Australia

Ian Chau
Sutton, United Kingdom

Bruce David Cheson
Washington, United States

Elisabeth G.E. de Vries
Groningen, Netherlands

Eric Deutsch
Villejuif, France

Rodrigo Dienstmann
Barcelona, Spain

Andrés J. M. Ferreri
Milano, Italy

Katherine Hoadley
North Carolina, United States

Douglas Buckner Johnson
Nashville, United States

B. Kasper
Mannheim, Germany

James M Larkin
London, United Kingdom

Domenica Lorusso
Milan, Italy

Clara Montagut
Barcelona, Spain

Nicolas Penel
Lille, France

Timothy Jay Price
Woodville, Australia

Everardo D. Saad
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Manish Shah
New York, United States

Manabu Soda

Ian Tannock
Toronto, Canada

Roland Turck
Montclair, United States

Takayuki Yoshino
Chiba, Japan

Andrew X. Zhu
Boston, United States

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