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Recently accepted papers

Papers accepted week commencing 25 July 2016

Temperate rain forest species partition fine-scale gradients in light availability based on their leaf mass per area (LMA)
Fajardo A, Siefert A

Papers accepted week commencing 18 July 2016

Maintenance of mixed mating after the loss of self-incompatibility in a long-lived perennial herb
Voillemot M, Pannell JR

Plasticity of floral longevity and floral display in the self-compatible biennial Sabatia angularis (Gentianaceae): untangling the role of multiple components of pollination
Spigler RB

Branching patterns of root systems: comparison of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous species
Pagès L

Late Quaternary climate stability and the origins and future of global grass endemism
Sandel B, Monnet A-C, Govaerts R, Vorontsova M

Poplar woody taproot under bending stress: the asymmetric response of the convex and concave sides
De Zio E, Trupiano D, Montagnoli A, Terzaghi M, Chiatante D, Grosso A, Marra M, Scaloni A, Scippa GS

Papers accepted week commencing 11 July 2016

Gene conversion events and variable degree of homogenization of rDNA loci in cultivars of Brassica napus
Sochorová J, Coriton O, Kuderová A, Lunerová J, Chevre A-M, Kovařík A

One hundred and twenty five years of the Annals of Botany. Part II: the seventy five years from 1937 to 2012
Jackson MB

Papers accepted week commencing 4 July 2016

Genetic diversity and structure of wild populations of Carica papaya in northern Mesoamerica inferred by nuclear microsatellites and chloroplast markers
Chávez-Pesqueira M, Juan Núñez-Farfán J

The influence of habitat on the evolution of plants: A case study across Saxifragales
Rubio de Casas R, Mort ME, Soltis DE

Absence of positive selection on CenH3 in Luzula suggests that holokinetic chromosomes may suppress centromere drive
Zedek F, Bureš P

Does greater specific-leaf-area plasticity help plants to maintain a high performance when shaded?
Liu Y, Dawson W, Prati D, Haeuser E, Feng Y, van Kleunen M

Papers accepted week commencing 27 June 2016

Adaptive molecular evolution of the two-pore channel 1 gene TPC1 in the karst-adapted genus Primulina (Gesneriaceae)
Tao J, Feng C, Ai B, Kang M

Cell expansion not cell differentiation predominantly coordinates veins and stomata within and among herbs and woody angiosperms grown under sun and shade
Murphy MRC, Jordan GJ, Brodribb TJ

Root biomass, turnover and net primary productivity of a coffee agroforestry system in Costa Rica: effects of soil depth, shade tree, distance to row and coffee age
Defreneta E, Roupsarda O, Van den Meersche K, Charbonnier F, Pérez-Molina JP, Khac E, Prieto I, Stokes A, Roumet C, Rapidelf B, de Melo Virginio Filho E, Vargas VJ, Barquero DRA, Jourdan C

Phosphorus uptake, partitioning and redistribution during grain filling in rice
Julia C, Wissuwa M, Kretzschmar T, Jeong K, Rose T

Papers accepted week commencing 20 June 2016

Extensive cryptic host-specific diversity among western hemisphere broomrapes (Orobanche s.l., Orobanchaceae)
Schneider AC, Colwell AEL, Schneeweiss GM, Baldwin BG

Contrasting germination responses to vegetative canopies experienced in pre- versus post-dispersal environments
Leverett LD, Auge GA, Bali A, Donohue K

Phylogeny strongly drives seed dormancy and quality in a climatically-buffered hotspot for plant endemism
Dayrell RLC, Garcia QS, Negreiros D, Baskin CC, Baskin JM, Silveira FAO

A low-altitude mountain range as an important refugium for two narrow endemics in the Southwest Australian Floristic Region biodiversity hotspot
Keppel G, Robinson T, Wardell-Johnson GW, Yates CJ, Van Niel KP, Byrne M, Schut AGT

Linking hydrogen-mediated boron toxicity tolerance with the improvement of root elongation, water status and reactive oxygen species balance: a case study for rice
Wang Y, Duan X, Xu S, Wang R, Ouyang Z, Shen W

Trade-off between soluble protein production and nutritional storage in Bromelia

Papers accepted week commencing 13 June 2016

Transatlantic invasion routes and adaptive potential in North American populations of the invasive Glossy buckthorn Frangula alnus
De Kort H, Mergeay J, Jacquemyn H, Honnay O

DArT whole genome profiling provides insights on the evolution and taxonomy of edible Banana (Musa spp.)
Sardos J, Perrier X, Doležel J, Hřibová E, Christelová P, Van denhouwe I, Kilian A, Roux N

Novel nuclei isolation buffer for flow cytometric genome size estimation of Zingiberaceae: A comparison with common isolation buffers
Sadhu A, Bhadra S, Bandyopadhyay M

The economy of reproduction in dimorphic ferns
Brittona MR, Watkins Jr. JE

Reduced plant water status under sub-ambient pCO2 limits plant productivity in the wild progenitors of C3 and C4 cereals
Cunniff J, Charles M, Jones G, Osborne CP

Papers accepted week commencing 6 June 2016

Scalariform-to-simple transition in vessel perforation plates triggered by differences in climate during the evolution of Adoxaceae
Lens F, Vos RA, Charrier G, van der Niet T, Merckx V, Baas P, Gutierrez JA, Jacobs B, Dória LC, Smets E, Delzon S, Janssens SB

Spatiotemporal heterogeneity in precipitation patterns explain population-level germination strategies in an edaphic specialist
Torres-Martínez L, Weldy P, Levy M, Emery NC

Moving nitrogen to the centre of plant defence against pathogens
Mur LAJ, Simpson C, Kumari A, Gupta AK, Gupta KJ

Sugarcane smut: shedding light on the development of the whip-shaped sorus
Marques JPR, Appezzato-da-Glória B, Piepenbring M, Massola Jr. NS, Monteiro-Vitorello CB, Vieira MLC

Animal NLRs provide structural insights into plant NLR function
Bentham A, Burdett H, Anderson PA, Williams SJ, Kobe B

Estimation of the hydraulic conductivities of lupine roots by inverse modelling of high-resolution measurements of root water uptake
Zarebanadkouki M, Meunier F, Couvreur V, Cesar J, Javaux M, C

Papers accepted week commencing 30 May 2016

CN-Wheat, a functional-structural model of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in wheat culms after anthesis. I. Model description
Barillot R, Chambon C, Andrieu B

CN-Wheat, a functional-structural model of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in wheat culms after anthesis. II. Model evaluation.
Barillot R, Chambon C, Andrieu B

Circadian rhythm of a Silene species favors nocturnal pollination and constrains diurnal visitation
Prieto-Benítez S, Dötterl S, Giménez-Benavides L

On the origins of Balkan endemics: the complex evolutionary history of the Cyanus napulifer group (Asteraceae)
Olšavská K, Slovák M, Marhold K, Štubňová E, Kučera J

The Brassicaceae species Heliophila coronopifolia produces root border-like cells that protect the root tip and secrete defensin peptides
Weiller F, Moore JP, Young P, Driouich A, Vivier MA

Rapid changes in root hydraulic conductivity and aquaporin expression in rice (Oryza sativa L.) in response to shoot removal – xylem tension

Papers accepted week commencing 23 May 2016

Ecological characteristics and in situ genetic associations for yield-component traits of wild Miscanthus from eastern Russia
Clark LV, Dzyubenko E, Dzyubenko N, Bagmet L, Sabitov A, Chebukin P, Johnson DA, Kjeldsen JB, Petersen KK, Jørgensen U, Yoo JH, Heo K, Yu CY, Zhao H, Jin X, Peng J, Yamada T, Sacks EJ

In vivo dynamic analysis of water refilling in embolized xylem vessels of intact Zea mays leaves
Ryu B, Hwang BG, Lee SJ

Origin of year-long bean (Phaseolus dumosus Macfady, Fabaceae) from reticulated hybridisation events between multiple Phaseolus species
Mina-Vargas AM, McKeown PC, Flanagan NS, Debouck DG, Kilian A, Hodkinson TR, Spillane C

Reproductive isolation between populations of Iris atropurpurea is associated with ecological differentiation
Yardeni G, Tessler N, Imbert E, Sapir Y

Seed dormancy and germination changes of snowbed species under climate warming: the role of pre- and post-dispersal temperatures
Bernareggi G, Carbognani M, Mondoni A, Petraglia A

Papers accepted week commencing 16 May 2016

Outcrossing and photosynthetic rates vary independently within two Clarkia species: implications for the joint evolution of drought escape physiology and mating system
Ivey CT, Dudley LS, Hove AA, Emms SK, Mazer SJ

The moss Funaria hygrometrica has cuticular wax similar to vascular plants, with distinct composition on leafy gametophyte, calyptra, and sporophyte capsule surfaces
Busta L, Budke JM, Jetter R

Root system-based limits to agricultural productivity and efficiency – the farming systems context
Thorup-Kristensen K, Kirkegaard J

The MADS-box XAANTAL1 increases proliferation at the Arabidopsis root stem-cell niche and participates in transition to differentiation by regulating cell-cycle components
García-Cruz KV, García-Ponce B, Garay-Arroyo A, De La Paz Sánchez M, Ugartechea-Chirino Y, Desvoyes B, Pacheco-Escobedo MA, Tapia-López R, Ransom-Rodríguez I, Gutierrez C, Alvarez-Buylla ER

Root exudates of Solanum tuberosum is enriched in galactose-containing molecules and impacts the growth of Pectobacterium atrosepticum
Koroney AS, Plasson C, Pawlak B, Sidikou R, Dr

Papers accepted week commencing 9 May 2016

Optimal balance of water use efficiency and leaf construction cost with a link to the drought threshold of the desert steppe ecotone in northern China
Wei H, Luo T, Wu B

Diversity hotspots of the laurel forest on Tenerife, Canary Islands: A phylogeographic study of Laurus and Ixanthus
Betzin A, Thiv M, Koch MA

Understanding the evolution of holoparasitic plants: the complete plastid genome of the holoparasite Cytinus hypocistis (Cytinaceae)
Roquet C, Coissac E, Cruaud C, Boleda M, Boyer F, Alberti A, Gielly L, Taberlet P, Thuiller W, Van Es J, Lavergne S

Fine-tuning of root elongation by ethylene: a tool to study dynamic structure-function relationships between root architecture and nitrate absorption
Le Deunff E, Lecourt J, Malagoli P

Understanding deep roots and their functions in ecosystems – an advocacy for more unconventional research
Pierret A, Maeght J-L, Clément C, Montoroi J-P, Hartmann C, Gonkhamdee S

Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Servi

Papers accepted week commencing 2 May 2016

Plant family identity distinguishes patterns of carbon and nitrogen stable isotope abundance and nitrogen concentration in mycoheterotrophic plants associated with ectomycorrhizal fungi
Hynson NA, Schiebold JMI, Gebauer G

Flower orientation influences the consistency of bumble-bee movement within inflorescences
Jordan CY, Natta M, Harder LD

Foliar nectar enhances plant-mite mutualisms: The effect of leaf sugar on the control of powdery mildew by domatia-inhabiting mites
Weber MG, Porturas LD, Taylor SA

On the persistence of reproductive barriers in Eucalyptus: the bridging of mechanical barriers to zygote formation by F1 hybrids, is counteracted by intrinsic post-zygotic incompatibilities
Larcombe MJ, e Silva JC, Tilyard P, Gore P, Potts BM

Silicon moderated K-deficiency-induced leaf chlorosis by decreasing putrescine accumulation in sorghum
Chen D, Cao B, Qi L, Yin L, Wang S, Deng X

Papers accepted week commencing 25 April 2016

Sex differences and plasticity in dehydration tolerance: insight from a tropical liverwort
Marks RA, Burton JF, McLetchie DN

The influence of floral traits on specialisation and modularity of plant-pollinator networks in a biodiversity hotspot in the Peruvian Andes
Watts S, Dormann CF, González AMM, Ollerton J

Impact of axial root growth angles on nitrogen acquisition in maize depends on environmental conditions
Dathe A, Postma JA, Postma-Blaauw MB, Lynch JP

Slow food: Insect prey and chitin induce phytohormone accumulation and gene expression in carnivorous Nepenthes plants
Yilamujiang A, Reichelt M, Mithöfer A

Summer dormancy, drought survival, and functional resource acquisition strategies in California perennial grasses
Balachowski JA, Bristiel PM, Volaire FA

ASilicon enhances leaf remobilization of iron in cucumber under limited iron conditions
Pavlovic J, Samardzic J, Kostic L, Laursen KH, Natic M, Timotijevic G, Schjoerring JK, Nikolic M

Papers accepted week commencing 18 April 2016

Hormone regulation of rhizome development in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) associated with proteomic changes controlling respiratory and amino acid metabolism
Ma X, Xu Q, Meyer WA, Huang B

Evidence for mixed sexual and asexual reproduction in the rare European mycoheterotrophic orchid Epipogium aphyllum Sw., Orchidaceae Juss. (Ghost Orchid)
Krawczyk E, Rojek J, Kowalkowska AK, Kapusta M, Znaniecka J, Minasiewicz J

Are inter- and intra-specific variations of sapling crown traits consistent with a strategy promoting light capture in tropical moist forest?
Laurans M, Gregoire Vincent G

Papers accepted week commencing 11 April 2016

Pollinators show flower colour preferences but flowers with similar colours do not attract similar pollinators
Reverté S, Retana J, Gómez JM, Bosch J

Papers accepted week commencing 04 April 2016

Biophysical rhizosphere processes affecting root water uptake
Carminati A, Zarebanadkouki M, Kroener E, Ahmed MA, Holz M

Geographic consistency and variation in conflicting selection generated by pollinators and seed predators
Sun S-G, Armbruster WS, Huang S-Q

A meta-analysis of leaf nitrogen distribution within plant canopies
Hikosaka K, Anten NPR, Borjigidai A, Kamiyama C, Sakai H, Hasegawa T, Oikawa S, Iio A, Watanabe M, Koike T, Nishina K, Ito A

Longitudinal zonation pattern in Arabidopsis root tip defined by a multiple structural change algorithm
Pacheco-Escobedo MA, Ivanov VB, Ransom-Rodríguez I, Arriaga-Mejía G, Ávila H, Baklanov IA, Pimente A, Corkidi G, Doerner P, Dubrovsky JG, Álvarez-Buylla ER, Garay-Arroyo A

The Specific Peroxidase Differentiates Brachypodium Distachyon Accessions and Associates with Drought Tolerance Traits
Na Luo N, Yu X, Nie G, Liu J, Jiang Y

Papers accepted week commencing 28 March 2016

Responses of orchids to habitat change over a 27-year period in Corsica
Vogt-Schilb H, Pradel R, Geniez P, Hugot L, Delage A, Richard F, Schatz B

Strengthening the taxonomic backbone of Thai orchid conservation: genetic fingerprinting and morphometry applied to a species complex in Geodorum
Pedersen HÆ, Srimuang K-O, Watthana S

Climatic and topographical correlates of plant paleo- and neo-endemism in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot
Molina-Venegas R, Aparicio A, Lavergne S, Arroyo J

A large historical refugium explains spatial patterns of genetic diversity in a Neotropical savanna tree species
e Souza HAV, Collevatti RG, Lima-Ribeiro MS, de Lemos-Filho JP, Lovato MB

Identification of the seasonal conditions required for dormancy break of Persoonia longifolia (Proteaceae), a species with a woody indehiscent endocarp
Chia KA, Sadler R, Turner SR, Baskin CC

Measuring spore settling velocity for an improved assessment of dispersal rates in mosses
Zanatta F, Patiño J, Lebeau F, Massinon M, Hylander K, de Haan M, Ba

Papers accepted week commencing 21 March 2016

Phylogenetic relationships, diversification and expansion of chili peppers (Capsicum, Solanaceae)
García CC, Barfuss MHJ, Sehr EM, Barboza GE, Samuel R, Moscone EA, Ehrendorfer F

Relationship between soil nutrients and mycorrhizal associations of two Bipinnula species (Orchidaceae) from central Chile.
Mujica MI, Saez N, Cisternas M, Manzano M, Armesto JJ, Pérez F

Papers accepted week commencing 14 March 2016

Neighbourhood structure and light availability influence the variations in plant design of shrubs in two cloud forests of different successional status
Guzmán Q JA, Roberto A, Cordero S

Breeding System Diversification and Evolution in American Poa supersect. Homalopoa (Poaceae: Poeae: Poinae)
Giussani LM, Gillespie LJ, Scataglini MA, Negritto MÁ, Anton AM, Soreng RJ

Italian horticultural and culinary records of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbitaceae) and emergence of the zucchini in nineteenth-century Milan
Lust TA, Paris HS

Evolution and diversity of floral scent chemistry in the euglossine bee-pollinated orchid genus Gongora
Hetherington-Rauth MC, Ramírez SR

Arbuscular mycorrhizal growth responses are fungal specific but do not differ between soybean genotypes with different phosphorus efficiency
Wang X, Zhao S, Bücking H

A novel Brassica-rhizotron system to unravel the dynamic changes in root system architecture of oilseed rape under phosphorus deficiency

Papers accepted week commencing 29 February 2016

Linking ice accretion and crown structure: towards a model of the effect of freezing rain on tree canopies
Nock CA, Lecigne B, Taugourdeau O, Greene DF, Dauzat J, Delagrange S, Messier C

Root adaptations to soils with low fertility and aluminum toxicity
Rao IM, Miles JW, Beebe SE, Horst WJ

Environmental and physiological effects on grouping of drought-tolerant and susceptible rice varieties related to rice (Oryza sativa) root hydraulics under drought
Henry A, Wehler R, Grondin A, Franke R, Quintana M

Papers accepted week commencing 22 February 2016

Sequencing of whole plastid genomes and nuclear ribosomal DNA of Diospyros species (Ebenaceae) endemic to New Caledonia: many species, little divergence
Turner B, Paun O, Munzinger J, Chase MW, Samuel R

A field-to-desktop toolchain for X-ray CT densitometry enables tree-ring analysis
de Mil T, Vannoppen A, Beeckman H, van Acker J, van den Bulcke J

Variable presence of the inverted repeat and plastome stability in Erodium
Blazier JC, Jansen RK, Mower JP, Govindu M, Zhang J, Weng M-L, Ruhlman TA

Plant-plant interactions mediate the plastic and genotypic response of Plantago asiatica to CO2: an experiment with plant populations from naturally high CO2 areas
van Loon MP, Rietkerk M, Dekker SC, Hikosaka K, Ueda MU, Anten NPR

Effects of silicon treatment and inoculation with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum on cellular defences in root tissues of two cotton cultivars
Whan JA, Dann EK, Aitken EAB

Plant Defences on Land and in Water: Why Are They so Different?

Papers accepted week commencing 15 February 2016

An ultra-high density genetic linkage map of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) using genotyping by sequencing (GBS) based on a reference shotgun genome assembly
Velmurugan J, Mollison E, Barth D, Marshall D, Milne L, Creevey CJ, Lynch B, Meally H, McCabe M, Milbourne D

Sensitivity of the xerophytic moss Syntrichia caninervis to prolonged simulated nitrogen deposition
Zhang Y, Zhou X, Yin B, Downing A

Plant root tortuosity: an indicator of root path formation in soil with different composition and density
Popova L, van Dusschoten D, Nagel KA, Fiorani F, Mazzolai B

Rooting depth and root depth distribution of Trifolium repens × T. uniflorum interspecific hybrids
Nichols SN, Hofmann RW, Williams WM, van Koten C

Papers accepted week commencing 8 February 2016

Repeated gains in yellow and anthocyanin pigmentation in flower colour transitions in the Antirrhineae
Ellis TJ, Field DL

Ethylene is involved in root phosphorus remobilization in rice (Oryza sativa) by regulating cell wall pectin and enhancing phosphate translocation to shoots
Zhu XF, Zhu CQ, Zhao XS, Zheng SJ, Shen RF

Asymmetrical development of root endodermis and exodermis in reaction to abiotic stresses
Líška D, Martinka M, Kohanová J, Lux A

Papers accepted week commencing 1 February 2016

Oxygen absorption by adventitious roots promotes the survival of completely submerged terrestrial plants
Ayi1 Q, Zeng B, Liu J, Li S, van Bodegom PM, Cornelissen JHC

Photosynthesis-related characteristics of the midrib and the interveinal lamina in leaves of C3-CAM intermediate plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
Kuźniak E, Kornas A, Kaźmierczak A, Rozpądek P, Nosek M, Kocurek M, Zellnig G, Müller M, Miszalski Z

Exploring the ontogenetic scaling hypothesis during the diversification of pollination syndromes in Caiophora (Loasaceae, subfam. Loasoideae)
Strelin M, Benitez-Vieyra S, Fornoni J, Klingenberg CP, Cocucci A

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