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J. Hall Cushman

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About the journal

AoB PLANTS is an open-access, online journal that has been publishing peer-reviewed articles since 2010, with an emphasis on all aspects of environmental and evolutionary plant biology …

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For Contributors

Why submit to AoB PLANTS?

10 reasons why you should consider submitting your research to AoB PLANTS.

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Praise for the journal

open access

Open access publication charges

Our charge of $1,000 per published article is among the lowest levied by any open-access journal in the biological sciences and illustrates the commitment of AoB PLANTS to provide an economical means for rapidly publishing research to a global audience.

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Review procedures

AoB PLANTS is committed to evaluating submitted manuscripts in a fair and transparent fashion and believes that the personal characteristics of authors should not influence how manuscripts are handled during the review process.

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Special Issues

Island plant biology: celebrating Carlquist’s legacy

This special issue focuses on new developments in five areas of island biology: island biogeography, systematics and evolution, plant-animal interactions, global change, and conservation.

Using ideas from behavioural ecology to understand plants

This special issue focuses on how application of principles from animal behaviour can improve our ability to understand plant biology and ecology.

The role of below-ground processes in mediating plant invasions

The papers in this special issue provide novel insights into current research on soil microbial-driven belowground processes mediating plant invasions and reveal areas that should be addressed in future studies.

Previously published and under development

AoB PLANTS is committed to producing high-quality Special Issues each year on a wide range of topics in the plant sciences. Follow the link below to browse more special issues.

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Review Articles


Host specificity in parasitic plants—perspectives from mistletoes

By Desale Y. Okubamichael, Megan E. Griffiths, and David Ward

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Figure 2

Network epidemiology and plant trade networks

By Marco Pautasso and Mike J. Jeger

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Olive lace bug (Frogattia olivinia)

An ecological and evolutionary perspective on the parallel invasion of two cross-compatible trees

By Guillaume Besnard and Peter Cuneo

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Previously published

AoB PLANTS believes that the publication and dissemination of comprehensive review articles is critical for the advancement of all areas in the plant sciences.

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News and Announcements

February 2017: William E. Kunin (University of Leeds, UK) has joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

August 2016: Tom Buckley (University of Sydney, Australia) and Patrick Mitchell (CSIRO Land and Water, Australia) have joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

June 2016: AoB PLANTS has received its 2015 Impact Factor score (2.079) and JCR® ranking (65/209), placing the journal at the top of the second quartile in Plant Sciences.

February 2016: Heidrun Huber (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Heather Reynolds (Indiana University) and Karina Boege (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) have joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

January 2016: Rafael Zenni (University of Brasilia, Brazil) and Francisco Pugnaire (National Research Council, Spain) have joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

November 2015: Takayuki Ohgushi (Kyoto University, Japan) and Kristina Hufford (University of Wyoming) have joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

September 2015: Xiangcheng Mi (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Sílvia Castro (University of Coimbra, Portugal), and Adrian Brennan (Durham University, UK) have joined the Editorial Board of AoB PLANTS.

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Featured Articles

Evidence for rapid ecological range expansion in a newly invasive plant

By Silvia Matesanz, Tim Horgan-Kobelski, and Sonia E. Sultan

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Testing models for the leaf economics spectrum with leaf and whole-plant traits in Arabidopsis thaliana

By Benjamin Blonder, François Vasseur, Cyrille Violle, Bill Shipley, Brian J. Enquist, and Denis Vile

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Inter-plant communication through mycorrhizal networks mediates complex adaptive behaviour in plant communities

By Monika A. Gorzelak, Amanda K. Asay, Brian J. Pickles, and Suzanne W. Simard

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Community-level impacts of white-tailed deer on understorey plants in North American forests: a meta-analysis

By Christopher W. Habeck and Alexis K. Schultz

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