Motivation: Recent advances in DNA microarray technologies have made it possible to measure the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously under different conditions. The data obtained by microarray analyses are called expression profile data. One type of important information underlying the expression profile data is the ‘genetic network,’ that is, the regulatory network among genes. Graphical Gaussian Modeling (GGM) is a widely utilized method to infer or test relationships among a plural of variables.

Results: In this study, we developed a method combining the cluster analysis with GGM for the inference of the genetic network from the expression profile data. The expression profile data of 2467 Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes measured under 79 different conditions (Eisen et al. , Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA , 95, 14683–14868, 1998) were used for this study. At first, the 2467 genes were classified into 34 clusters by a cluster analysis, as a preprocessing for GGM. Then, the expression levels of the genes in each cluster were averaged for each condition. The averaged expression profile data of 34 clusters were subjected to GGM, and a partial correlation coefficient matrix was obtained as a model of the genetic network of S. cerevisiae. The accuracy of the inferred network was examined by the agreement of our results with the cumulative results of experimental studies.

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