Summary: GeneMerge is a web-based and standalone program written in PERL that returns a range of functional and genomic data for a given set of study genes and provides statistical rank scores for over-representation of particular functions or categories in the data set. Functional or categorical data of all kinds can be analyzed with GeneMerge, facilitating regulatory and metabolic pathway analysis, tests of population genetic hypotheses, cross-experiment comparisons, and tests of chromosomal clustering, among others. GeneMerge can perform analyses on a wide variety of genomic data quickly and easily and facilitates both data mining and hypothesis testing.

Availability: GeneMerge is available free of charge for academic use over the web and for download from: http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/hartl/lab/publications/GeneMerge.html.

Contact: ccastillo-davis@oeb.harvard.edu

Supplementary information: http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/hartl/lab/publications/GeneMerge.html


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