Motivation: High density oligonucleotide arrays are usually annotated in a one-to-one fashion, with each probeset assigned to one gene. However, in reality, subsets of oligonucleotides in a probeset may match sequences within more than one gene, potentially leading to misinterpretations. Moreover, a gene is often represented by more than one probeset, and analyzing probe matches at the mRNA level can help one deduce whether these probesets are derived from the same or different splice variants.

Results: The GeneAnnot system comprehensively documents the many-to-many relationship between oligonucleotide array probesets and annotated genes in GeneCards™. It performs pairwise alignments between the probe sequences and gene transcripts, and assigns sensitivity and specificity scores to each probeset/gene pair.


Supplementary information: Program description and statistics http://genecards.weizmann.ac.il/geneannot/DOC/index.html

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1Department of Biological Services, 2Department of Molecular Genetics and 3Department of Physics of Complex Systems, the Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100 Rehovot, Israel