Summary: We recently developed algorithmic tools for the identification of functionally important regions in proteins of known three dimensional structure by estimating the degree of conservation of the amino-acid sites among their close sequence homologues. Projecting the conservation grades onto the molecular surface of these proteins reveals patches of highly conserved (or occasionally highly variable) residues that are often of important biological function. We present a new web server, ConSurf, which automates these algorithmic tools. ConSurf may be used for high-throughput characterization of functional regions in proteins.

Availability: The ConSurf web server is available at:http://consurf.tau.ac.il.

Contact: fabian@ashtoret.tau.ac.iltal@ism.ac.jpinbalp@ashtoret.tau.ac.ilrebell@ashtoret.tau.ac.ildalit@ashtoret.tau.ac.ilemartz@microbio.umass.edubental@ashtoret.tau.ac.il

Supplementary Information: A set of examples is available at http://consurf.tau.ac.il under ‘GALLERY’.


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