Motivation: We implement a data mining technique based on the method of Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to generate reliable independent data sets for different HIV therapies. We show that this technique takes advantage of the ICA power to eliminate the noise generated by artificial interaction of HIV system dynamics. Moreover, the incorporation of the actual laboratory data sets into the analysis phase offers a powerful advantage when compared with other mathematical procedures that consider the general behavior of HIV dynamics.

Results: The ICA algorithm has been used to generate different patterns of the HIV dynamics under different therapy conditions. The Kohonen Map has been used to eliminate redundant noise in each pattern to produce a reliable data set for the simulation phase. We show that under potent antiretroviral drugs, the value of the CD4+ cells in infected persons decreases gradually by about 11% every 100 days and the levels of the CD8+ cells increase gradually by about 2% every 100 days.

Availability: Executable code and data libraries are available by contacting the corresponding author.

Implementation: Mathematica 4 has been used to simulate the suggested model. A Pentium III or higher platform is recommended.

Contact: gtowfic@clarke.edu.


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