Summary: MathSBML is a Mathematica package designed for manipulating Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) models. It converts SBML models into Mathematica data structures and provides a platform for manipulating and evaluating these models. Once a model is read by MathSBML, it is fully compatible with standard Mathematica functions such as NDSolve (a differential-algebraic equations solver). MathSBML also provides an application programming interface for viewing, manipulating, running numerical simulations; exporting SBML models; and converting SBML models in to other formats, such as XPP, HTML and FORTRAN. By accessing the full breadth of Mathematica functionality, MathSBML is fully extensible to SBML models of any size or complexity.

Availability: Open Source (LGPL) at http://www.sbml.org and http://www.sf.net/projects/sbml.

Supplementary information: Extensive online documentation is available at http://www.sbml.org/mathsbml.html. Additional examples are provided at http://www.sbml.org/software/mathsbml/bioinformatics-application-note

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