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Highly Cited Articles


A new shrinkage estimator for dispersion improves differential expression detection in RNA-seq data
Wu, Hao; Wang, Chi; Wu, Zhijin

Bayesian analysis of RNA sequencing data by estimating multiple shrinkage priors
Van De Wiel, Mark A.; Leday, Gwenael G. R.; Pardo, Luba; Rue, Havard; Van Der Vaart, Aad W.; Van Wieringen, Wessel N.

Structure-constrained sparse canonical correlation analysis with an application to microbiome data analysis
Chen, Jun; Bushman, Frederic D.; Lewis, James D.; Wu, Gary D.; Li, Hongzhe

Multicategory reclassification statistics for assessing improvements in diagnostic accuracy
Li, Jialiang; Jiang, Binyan; Fine, Jason P.

An estimate of the science-wise false discovery rate and application to the top medical literature
Jager, Leah R.; Leek, Jeffrey T.

Adaptive enrichment designs for clinical trials
Simon, Noah; Simon, Richard

Variable selection for generalized canonical correlation analysis
Tenenhaus, Arthur; Philippe, Cathy; Guillemot, Vincent; Le Cao, Kim-Anh; Grill, Jacques; Frouin, Vincent

Incorporating group correlations in genome-wide association studies using smoothed group Lasso
Liu, Jin; Huang, Jian; Ma, Shuangge; Wang, Kai

Matrix variate logistic regression model with application to EEG data
Hung, Hung; Wang, Chen-Chien

Non-parametric estimation of a time-dependent predictive accuracy curve
Saha-Chaudhuri, P.; Heagerty, P. J.



Composite likelihood estimation for the Brown-Resnick process
Huser, R.; Davison, A. C.

Conditional simulation of max-stable processes
Dombry, C.; Eyi-Minko, F.; Ribatet, M.

On p-values for smooth components of an extended generalized additive model
Wood, Simon N.

Identifiability of Gaussian structural equation models with equal error variances
Peters, J.; Buehlmann, P.

Covariate-adjusted precision matrix estimation with an application in genetical genomics
Cai, T. Tony; Li, Hongzhe; Liu, Weidong; Xie, Jichun

Inverse probability weighting with error-prone covariates
McCaffrey, Daniel F.; Lockwood, J. R.; Setodji, Claude M.

Robust estimation of optimal dynamic treatment regimes for sequential treatment decisions
Zhang, Baqun; Tsiatis, Anastasios A.; Laber, Eric B.; Davidian, Marie

Estimation with missing data: beyond double robustness
Han, Peisong; Wang, Lu

Data augmentation for non-Gaussian regression models using variance-mean mixtures
Polson, N. G.; Scott, J. G.

Adaptive Bayesian multivariate density estimation with Dirichlet mixtures
Shen, Weining; Tokdar, Surya T.; Ghosal, Subhashis

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