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BJA Education Podcasts

Podcasts from BJA Education and Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain

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The BJA Education podcasts bring you the latest news, reviews and interviews from the world of anaesthesia. We are always looking for ways to make these podcasts even better and we value your feedback. To leave us you feedback and let us know what you think, please click here.

Podcast Episodes:

Mitral Valve and Mitral Valve Disease

Dr Ben Gibbison, Consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Bristol, discusses his article ‘Mitral Valve and Mitral Valve Disease’, published in the January 2017 edition of BJA Education. Dr Gibbison gives an overview of the consequences of both the stenotic and regurgitant mitral valve lesions, helps us understand the haemodynamic goals of anaesthetising patients with these lesions safely and some of the currently available treatment options.

January 2017 || Volume 17 - Issue 1 || 24 Minutes

Cerebral Oximetry

Dr Will Tosh, ST6 in Anaesthesia at Warwick School of Anaesthesia joins us to discuss his article with Dr Matthew Patteril ‘Cerebral Oximetry’ in the December 2016 edition of BJA Education.

December 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 12 || 20 Minutes

Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices

Dr Paul Diprose, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist in Southampton joins us to discuss his article ‘Perioperative Management of patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices’ in the November 2016 edition of BJA Education. Topics include device types and common problems, clarity to the magnet controversy, a pragmatic approach to the emergency patient, and some special circumstances that you may not have considered previously.

November 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 11 || 27 Minutes

Mass Casualty Incidents

Dr Joe Cosgrove, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne discusses his two articles “Prehospital organisation and management of a mass casualty incident” and “Hospital response to a major incident: initial considerations and longer term effects”, published in the October 2016 edition of BJA Education. Topics include understanding the prehospital phase, the wider response to major incidents within NHS organisations, and how individual practitioners fit within this highly organised structure.

October 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 10 || 33 Minutes

Perioperative NIV

Dr Alastair Glossop, Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the NICE Scholar in 2010-2011 for the ‘Evaluation of the Health Economic Benefits of Non-Invasive Ventilation’, discusses his article ‘Non-Invasive Ventilation in the perioperative period’, published in the September 2016 edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include using NIV to prevent post-operative pulmonary complications, patient selection and including NIV in a wider perioperative strategy.

September 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 9.02 || 22 Minutes

Lidocaine for Acute Pain

Dr Naveen Eipe, assistant professor of anaesthesia at the University of Ottawa Hospital joins us to discuss his article 'Intravenous lidocaine for acute pain: an evidence based clinical update' which will be published in the September 2016 edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include the extensive benefits of using lidocaine, practical considerations and the newly named, 'Ottawa Pain Ladder'.

September 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 9.01 || 32 Minutes


Dr David Mulvey, consultant anaesthetist from Royal Derby Hospital, discusses his article "Principles of total intravenous anaesthesia: practical aspects of using total intravenous anaesthesia", published in the August edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include the assessment of depth of anaesthesia, recent advances in TIVA, and the ideal TIVA technique.

August 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 8 || 23 Minutes


Dr Joe Sebastian, consultant neuroanaesthetist from Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Victoria Scott-Warren, specialty trainee from the North Western Deanery, discusses their article "Dexmedetomidine: its use in intensive care medicine and anaesthesia", published in the July 2016 edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include recent evidence on dexmedetomidine, its pharmacological mechanism, and clinical tips for its use.

July 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 7 || 18 Minutes

Statistical Analysis

Dr Matthew Atkinson, consultant in anaesthesia and critical care from East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, discusses his article "Statistical Analysis: Sample Size and Power Estimations", published in the May edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include error types, the Bonferroni correction and post-hoc power analysis.

May 2016 || Volume 16 - Issue 5 || 16 Minutes

Anaesthesia and the developing brain

Dr Neil Morton, Reader in Paediatric Anaesthesia and Pain Management from Glasgow discusses his article "Anaesthesia and the developing nervous system: advice for clinicians and families", which is published in the June print edition of BJA Education. Topics discussed include the existing preclinical and epidemiological evidence, ongoing prospective clinical studies and practical advice on clinical practice in this subject area.

June 2015 || Volume 15 - Issue 3 || 21 Minutes

Physiotherapy in the critically ill

Nicola Beaumont, clinical lead physiotherapist in critical care discusses her article "Respiratory physiotherapy in the critical care unit" from the February print edition of CEACCP. Topics discussed include the physiological consequences of critical illness and mechanical ventilation, respiratory physiotherapy interventions and their evidence base, and rehabilitation both during and following critical care admissions.

February 2015 || Volume 15 - Issue 1 || 19 Minutes

Bleeding disorders: Safe perioperative care

Dr Madan Narayanan, consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine discusses his article "Anaesthetic considerations in patients with inherited disorders of coagulation" from the February print edition of CEACCP. The podcast focuses on the diagnosis, management and principles of perioperative care for patients with the bleeding disorders haemophilia and von Willebrand's disease.

February 2015 || Volume 15 - Issue 1 || 22 Minutes

Frailty and Anaesthesia

Dr Richard Griffiths, consultant in anaesthesia, discusses his article "Frailty in anaesthesia: what we need to know" from the December print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include frailty assessment tools, the 2010 NCEPOD report "An Age Old Problem" and The National Hip Fracture Database Anaesthesia Sprint Audit of Practice (ASAP).

December 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 6 || 27 Minutes

Never say never?

Dr Vishal Patil, consultant in anaesthesia, discusses his article "Never events: an anaesthetic perspective" from the October print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include the Department of Health never events policy, practical approaches to minimising risk in the healthcare environment and understanding human factors.

November 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 5 || 10 Minutes

Atelectasis. Better to prevent than to cure?

Dr Andrew Bodenham, consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, discusses his article "Pulmonary atelectasis in anaesthesia and critical care" from the October print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include recent evidence on optimum mechanical ventilation strategies and use of perioperative interventions to minimise and manage atelectasis.

October 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 5 || 19 Minutes

Whiplash: causes and cures.

Dr Sandeep Kapur, consultant in anaesthesia and pain management, discusses his article "Whiplash injury" from the August print edition CEACCP, covering diagnosis, management and prognosis of whiplash-associated disorders.

August 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 4 || 35 Minutes

General anaesthetic agents: mechanisms and mystery

Professor Donal Buggy discusses his papers "Pharmacology of anaesthetics I: intravenous anaesthetic agents" and "Pharmacology of anaesthetics II: inhalational anaesthetic agents" from June's print edition of CEACCP. The discussion focuses on new developments in the field and preliminary results from the ENIGMA II trial.

June 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 3 || 23 Minutes

Fresh articles for Spring

Dr Joyce Yeung, clinical and academic anaesthetist discusses the April print edition of CEACCP, with a particular focus on the articles "Intensive care management of morbidly obese patients" and "Anaesthesia-related anaphylaxis: investigation and follow-up".

April 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 2 || 16 Minutes

Perioperative medicine: a risky business?

Dr Gary Minto, consultant anaesthetist and perioperative medicine researcher discusses his article 'Assessment of the high-risk perioperative patient' and the wider subject of surgical risk prediction and patient optimisation.

February 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 1 || 38 Minutes

CEACCP podcast launch

Dr Jeremy Langton, editor-in-chief of CEACCP and Eleanor Carter, trainee editor discuss the scope and aims of the journal, journals developments and the launch of the CEACCP podcast.

October 2013 || Volume 13 - Issue 5 || 12 Minutes

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