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'Inequalities in a Diverse World'
BJC Virtual Issue (2016): 3 (1)

Peter Squires & Simon Winlow


This special edition follows our recent practice of compiling a special virtual ‘archive collection’ of articles from the British Journal of Criminology relating, directly or indirectly to the themes of the 2016 British Society of Criminology Conference. This year’s conference will be held within the conference facilities of Nottingham Trent University but the event is hosted and directed by the BSC National Executive and, especially, its conference sub-committee (aided by the Nottingham Event Team).

The overarching conference theme ‘Inequalities in a diverse World’ is intended to reflect the intersections of criminalisation, victimisation and inequality which ebb and flow in a diverse and changing world. The 2016 conference will provide opportunities for criminologists to participate in an open, reflexive and critical way, with the various themes of the conference itself.

The conference theme has guided the choice of this 2016 British Journal of Criminology special virtual edition. The articles selected are viewed as being important contributions in their own right, but they are included here because they especially reflect the significance of global inequalities and diversities in reproducing criminalisation and victimisation, moreover they have each taken criminological debates forward.

This set of articles is intended to contribute to, and engage with, debate and discussion about the criminological significance of global inequalities and diversities that we hope will take place during the proceedings of the 2016 British Society of Criminology conference as well as encouraging engagement with the resources within the British Journal of Criminology electronic archive.

The articles chosen for the special virtual edition 2016 are:

‘A Precarious Place’: Housing and Clients of Specialized Courts Marianne Quirouette, Kelly Hannah-Moffat, and Paula Maurutto from BJC 56:2

Income Disparities of Burglary Risk Nick Tilley, Andromachi Tseloni, and Graham Farrell from BJC 51:2

Changing patterns of social controls and self-controls. On the rise of crimesince the 1950s and the sociogenesis of a 'third nature' Cas Wouters from BJC 39:3

Designing-In Crime by Designing-Out the Social? Situational Crime Prevention and the Intensification of Harmful Subjectivities Thomas Raymen from BJC 56:3

Are We Living in a More Violent Society?: A Socio-Historical Analysis of Interpersonal Violence in France, 1970s–Present Laurent Mucchielli from BJC 50:5

"I had a Hard Life’: Exploring Childhood Adversity in the Shaping ofMasculinities among Men Who Killed an Intimate Partner in South Africa Shanaaz Mathews, Rachel Jewkes, and Naeemah Abrahams from BJC 51:6

In search of masculinity: Violence, Respect and Sexuality among Puerto Rican Crack Dealers in East Harlem Philippe Bourgois from BJC 36:3

Informal social control and community crime prevention Janet Foster from BJC 35:4

Radical criminology in Britain: the emergence of a competing paradigm Jock Young from BJC 28:2

Intergenerational Transmission of Conduct Norms for Drugs, Sexual Exploitation and Violence: A Case Study Eloise Dunlap, Andrew Golub, Bruce D. Johnson, and Damaris Wesley from BJC 42:1



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