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Prize winning articles from The British Journal of Criminology

Radzinowicz Prize

The Radzinowicz Prize is awarded annually for the BJC article(s) that, in the opinion of the Editors, most contributes to knowledge of criminal justice issues and the development of criminology. Read all Radzinowicz Prize-winning papers for free online.

2016 Prize
The Editors of BJC have awarded the 2016 Radzinowicz Prize to:
David Churchill for his paper, Security and Visions of the Criminal: Technology, Professional Criminality and Social Change in Victorian and Edwardian Britain

Past winners of the prize are:

2015 : Katja Franko Aas and Helene O. I. Gundhus
Policing Humanitarian Borderlands: Frontex, Human Rights and the Precariousness of Life
Read the authors' OUPblog piece on the paper, Human rights and the (in)humanity at EU’s borders

2014 : N. Shalhoub-Kevorkian,
Criminality in Spaces of Death: the Palestinian Case Study
Sharon Pickering and Julie Ham,
Hot Pants at the Border: Sorting Sex Work from Trafficking

2013 : John Braithwaite and Ali Wardak,
Crime and War in Afghanistan: Part I: The Hobbesian Solution
Crime and War in Afghanistan: Part II: A Jeffersonian Alternative?

2012 : Eamonn Carabine,
Just Images: Aesthetics, Ethics and Visual Criminology

2011 : William Pridemore,
Poverty Matters: A Reassessment of the Inequality–Homicide Relationship in Cross-National Studies

2010 : Pat O’Malley,
Simulated Justice: Risk, Money and Telemetric Policing

2009 : Staci Stobl,
Policing Housemaids: The Criminalization of Domestic Workers in Bahrain

2008 : John Pratt,
Scandinavian Exceptionalism in an Era of Penal Excess: Part I: The Nature and Roots of Scandinavian Exceptionalism

Scandinavian Exceptionalism in an Era of Penal Excess: Part II: Does Scandinavian Exceptionalism Have a Future?

2007: David Whyte,
The Crimes of Neo-Liberal Rule in Occupied Iraq

British Society of Criminology Brian Williams Prize

2013 Joint Winner :
Ron Dudai for his article, 'Informers and the Transition in Northern Ireland’

2011 Winner :
Cheryl Lawther for her paper, 'Securing' the Past - Policing and the Contest over Truth in Northern Ireland

The European Society of Criminology Young Criminologist Award

The European Society of Criminology Young Criminologist Award 2012 was awarded to Christoffer Carlsson for his article:
Using ‘Turning Points’ to Understand Processes of Change in Offending: Notes from a Swedish Study on Life Courses and Crime

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