The relationship between anatomical asymmetrics in the perisylvian region and the sizes of different regions of the corpus callosum was investigated post-mortem in 40 brains of right-handed hospital admissions (20 males, 20 females) with no cortical involvement. There were no sex differences either in anatomical asymmetries or in regional size of the callosum. There was a negative correlation between the absolute value of Sylvian fissure(planum temporale) asymmetries and the size of the isthmus in males but not in females Further, there was a significant negative correlation between the size of the Sylvian fissure (or planum temporale) and the size of the callosal mid-body in males but not in females There was no correlation between the asymmetry of the planum temporale (left-right) and total size of the planum (left-right) These findings constrain theories about the ontogenesis of hemispheric specialization through changes in callosal connectivity and about sex differences in interhemispheric organization

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