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Brain on the OUP blog

Explore recent posts on the OUP blog providing an interesting overview of related Brain articles.

Finding the imposter: understanding a rare delusional disorder using brain connectivity
Using lesion network mapping to “find the imposter” hiding in the brain, showing how a single brain injury might alter the relationship between two interacting sets of brain regions.
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2016: the year of Zika
Looking at the neurological complications of the Zika Virus and how we can manage outbreaks moving forward.
The lifelong importance of nutrition in pregnancy for brain development
Looks at the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy for brain development in later life.
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Today's Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of seizures

Explores how an online, open-access seizure-forecasting competition could help patients with epilepsy.
Exploring how the brain responds so quickly to intentional harm.
Erin Golden and Keith A. Josephs discuss the phenomenon of musical hallucinations and their relationship to neurological disease.
Deborah Thorpe and Jane Alty discuss the potential neurological disorders that could have affected the medieval writer known as the 'Tremulous Hand of Worcester'.
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Tamar Makin explains how the brain reacts to losing a limb, the cause of the pain, and potential ways of treating it.
Robert Turner and Jörn-Henrik Jacobsen discuss the relationship between Alzheimer's Disease and music
Laura McWhirter and Jon Stone talk about the impact of electrotherapy on neurological symptoms.
Caroline Skirrow and Torsten Baldeweg discuss the effect of brain surgery on children with epilepsy.
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