As Cerebral Cortex approaches completion of its 11th year of publication, we are pleased to inform you of several positive developments.

First, Cerebral Cortex is lowering the cost of color figures. Color illustrations are not only esthetically pleasing but are also an essential vehicle for documenting both cellular and developmental neurobiological results, as well as PET and FMRI images of the human brain. Recognizing that color has become an indispensable mode of communicating scientific information to our readers, and to encourage submission of all pertinent findings to the journal in color, with effect from manuscripts accepted for publication after 1 October 2001, Oxford University Press has lowered the cost for the first color illustration from $1100 to $750 and for subsequent illustrations from $750 to $350. This places Cerebral Cortex in the middle range of costs of the other biomedical journals. It should be emphasized that, unlike a number of comparable journals, Cerebral Cortex does not have page charges.

Secondly, according to the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI), Cerebral Cortex achieved the admirable impact factor of 5.901 in 2001, surpassing many well-established journals with longer traditions and excellent reputations. This success has been accompanied by a steady increase in submissions and a consequent undesirable backlog during the past year. The rejection rate has increased and additional pages per issue will be added in 2002 to place future submissions on a faster track. We apologize to contributors who have had to wait unduly long for the publication of their papers, but hope they will be gratified by the visibility that their studies should achieve by appearing in Cerebral Cortex.

Thirdly, submission of mini reviews and feature articles are invited, as readers have conveyed interest in topical subjects on the cerebral cortex presented in a concise and readable style. The main criteria for acceptance of feature articles are new ideas and fresh conceptual and/or methodological approaches.

The popular special issue series is being continued — a forthcoming issue on ‘Columnar Organization — 2002’ with Henry Markram and Jennifer Linden as guest editors is planned for early 2002. Suggestions for future special issues are welcome; send proposals to the Editorial Office.