Acute Stress-induced Changes in Hippocampal/Prefrontal Circuits in Rats: Effects of Antidepressants by Cyril Rocher, Michael Spedding, Carmen Munoz and Thérèse M. Jay. Cerebral Cortex February 2004, Volume 14 Number 2, pp. 224–229.

Regrettably, an error has occurred in the Materials and Methods section, on p. 225, line 13. The lateral coordinate for the stimulating electrode is 5.5 mm instead of 0.5 mm. The complete corrected sentence is printed below:

Briefly, recording electrodes (64 µm diameter, two nickel chrome wires) were positioned in the prelimbic cortex (coordinates: 3.3 mm anterior to bregma, 0.8 mm lateral to the midline) and a bipolar concentric stainless steel stimulating electrode (150 µm outer diameter with a 300 µm tip separation) was lowered into the ipsilateral CA1/subicular region of the ventral hippocampus (coordinates: 6.5 mm posterior to bregma, 5.5 mm lateral to the midline).