ADDENDUM TO RETRACTION NOTICE: ‘The emergence of orthographic word representations in the brain: Evaluating a neural shape-based framework using fMRI and the HMAX model’ by Braet, W., Kubilius, J., Wagemans, J., & Op de Beeck, H. P. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhs355 (published online November 16, 2012, retracted May 17, 2013)

This publication has been the object of an investigation by the KU Leuven Commission of Scientific Integrity (CSI). The conclusion of the investigation is that the analysis of the data represented in this paper was manipulated intentionally by the first author: Wouter Braet.

Wouter Braet has fully cooperated with the investigation of the CSI and has admitted the fraud. He has also confirmed that the co-authors were not informed about his manipulation of the analysis of the data. The CSI wishes to stress that the co-authors, Wouter Braet's colleagues and supervisor have consistently observed the relevant methodological and scientific standards.

The CSI has acted upon the conclusion that the conduct of Wouter Braet was highly questionable in terms of scientific integrity.

This publication has been retracted, and the results described in it cannot be seen as valid or truthful.