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Editor's Choice Articles

The editors, Panu Poutvaara, Matz Dahlberg and Eric Hanushek, have highlighted several key articles which showcase the best of CESifo Economic Studies .

Current Editor’s choice articles – available FREE:

Maria Olivares and Heike Wetzel
Competing in the Higher Education Market: Empirical Evidence for Economies of Scale and Scope in German Higher Education Institutions
Volume 60, Issue 4

Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt
The Relevance of Judicial Procedure for Economic Growth
Volume 60, Issue 3

Kevin Milligan
The Road to Egalitaria: Sex Differences in Employment for Parents of Young Children
Volume 60, Issue 2

Anna Aizer
Rising Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility: The Role of Public Investments in Human Capital
Volume 60, Issue 2

Kai A. Konrad and Marcel Thum
The Role of Economic Policy in Climate Change Adaptation
Volume 60, Issue 1

Moritz Schularick and Paul Wachtel
The Making of America’s Imbalances
Volume 60, Issue 1

Previous Editor's Choice Articles:

Björn Kauder and Niklas Potrafke
Government Ideology and Tuition Fee Policy: Evidence from the German States
Volume 59 Issue 4

Hans Gersbach
Preventing Banking Crises—with Private Insurance?
Volume 59 Issue 4

George Economides and Thomas Moutos
EMU: The Way Forward
Volume 59, Issue 3

Paul De Grauwe
The European Central Bank as Lender of Last Resort in the Government Bond Markets
Volume 59, Issue 3

Jeffrey H. Bergstrand
Measuring the Effects of Endogenous Policies on Economic Integration
Volume 59, Issue 2

Costas Arkolakis and Marc-Andreas Muendler
Exporters and Their Products: A Collection of Empirical Regularities
Volume 59, Issue 2

Andrew Leigh
The Economics and Politics of Teacher Merit Pay
Volume 59, Issue 1

Robin Boadway and Jean-François Tremblay
Optimal Income Taxation and the Labour Market: An Overview
Volume 59, Issue 1

Alessandro Tarozzi
Some Factors about Boy versus Girl Health Indicators in India: 1992-2005
Volume 58, Issue 2

John A. List and Michael K. Price
Charitable Giving Around the World: Thoughts on How to Expand the Pie
Volume 58, Issue 1

Ilja Neustadt
Do Religious Beliefs Explain Preferences for Income Redistribution? Experimental Evidence
Volume 57, Issue 4

Xiaofei Pan and Daniel Houser
Mating Strategies and Gender Differences in Pro-sociality: Theory and Evidence
Volume 57, Issue 4

Assaf Razin and Steven Rosefielde
Currency and Financial Crises of the 1990s and 2000s
Volume 57, Issue 3

Robert A. Pollak
Family Bargaining and Taxes: A Prolegomenon to the Analysis of Joint Taxation
Volume 57, Issue 2

Michael Keen
Rethinking the Taxation of the Financial Sector
Volume 57, Issue 1

Alistair K. L. Milne
Limited Liability Government Debt for the Eurozone
Volume 57, Issue

Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux, and Kjell G. Salvanes
Older and Wiser? Birth Order and IQ of Young Men
Volume 57, Issue 1

Paul De Grauwe
Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Macroeconomics
Volume 56, Issue 4

Edouard Challe and Xavier Ragot
Aggregate Consumption in Times of Crisis: The Role of Financial Frictions
Volume 56, Issue 4

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