In this paper we describe the extension of an existing FORTRAN IV numerical software testbed (Hennell, 1978) to enable ALGOL 68 programs to be investigated. The extensions necessary were two-fold; firstly, a complete rewrite of the first phase, a static analysis in which the source text is reformatted (for reasons stated within this paper), analysed for all possible control jumps and statistics on language constructs are collected.

The second major extension was to incorporate into the second phase an existing ALGOL 68 compiler which after some modification enables dynamic execution histories to be collected in a data base. These modifications to the compiler represent extensions to the language definition which enable user programs to trace themselves. The utilisation of this compiler restricts source code programs to be written in ALGOL 68s, an official ALGOL 68 subset (Hibbard, 1974).

The third, analysis, phase is essentially identical in both the FORTRAN and ALGOL 68 systems.

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