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Beni Solow award winners

The award is given annually in honour of the late Danish orthodontist Beni Solow to the best paper published in the EJO during the preceding year. The award is selected by the EJO editorial board (excluding the Editor and Associate Editors) in a two stage process. Firstly, each board member selects his ten best papers (excluding any papers in which the board member is himself or herself an author). The scores are collated and the highest ranked papers are then re-evaluated in round two according to the following criteria: relevance, originality, methodology, presentation of results, discussion and impact.

Award Winning Articles

Extraction of the deciduous canine as an interceptive treatment in children with palatal displaced canines - part I: shall we extract the deciduous canine or not?
Julia Naoumova, Jüri Kurol, and Heidrun Kjellberg

Tooth agenesis patterns and phenotype variation in a cohort of Belgian patients with hypodontia and oligodontia clustered in 79 families with their pedigrees
Karoline Dreesen, Steven Swinnen, Koenraad Devriendt, and Carine Carels

Is the use of the cervical vertebrae maturation method justified to determine skeletal age? A comparison of radiation dose of two strategies for skeletal age estimation
Raphael Patcas, Luca Signorelli, Timo Peltomäki, and Marc Schätzle

Orthodontic anchoring techniques and its influence on pain, discomfort and jaw function - A randomized controlled trial
Ingalill Feldmann, Thomas List, and Lars Bondemark

An RCT on treatment of palatally displaced canines with RME and/or a transpalatal arch
Baccetti T, Sigler LM, and McNamara JA Jr.

Continuous forces are more effective than intermittent forces in expanding sutures
Liu SS, Kyung HM, and Buschang PH.

Immediate loading of orthodontic mini-implants: a histomorphometric evaluation of tissue reaction
Luzi C, Verna C, and Melsen B.

Agenesis of mandibular second premolars with retained primary molars: a longitudinal radiographic study of 99 subjects from 12 years of age to adulthood
Bjerklin K, Al-Najjar M, and Kårestedt H, An

Long-term follow-up of tooth mobility in maxillary incisors with orthodontically induced apical root resorption
Jönsson A, Malmgren O, and Levander E.

Root resorption associated with orthodontic force in inbred mice: genetic contributions
Al-Qawasmi RA, Hartsfield JK Jr, Everett ET, Weaver MR, Foroud TM, Faust DM, and Roberts WE.

The effects of early headgear treatment on dental arches and craniofacial morphology: an 8 year report of a randomized study
Pirttiniemi P, Kantomaa T, Mäntysaari R, Pykäläinen A, Krusinskiene V, Laitala T, and Karikko J.

Microcracks in the alveolar bone following orthodontic tooth movement: a morphological and morphometric study
Verna C, Dalstra M, Lee TC, Cattaneo PM, and Melsen B.

Constant versus dissipating forces in orthodontics: the effect on initial tooth movement and root resorption
Weiland F.

Unilateral primary or secondary retention of permanent teeth, and dental malformations
Becktor KB, Bangstrup MI, Rølling S, and Kjaer I.

Orthodontic aspects of the use of oral implants in adolescents: a 10-year follow-up study
Thilander B, Odman J, and Lekholm U.

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