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About the journal

ELT Journal is a quarterly publication for all those involved in English Language Teaching (ELT), whether as a second, additional, or foreign language, or as an international Lingua Franca …

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Highlights and Features

Key concepts articles

Explore this collection of articles looking at some of the central ideas in ELT. They are informed by current debate on aspects of theory and practice, and free to read online.

70th anniversary

2016 marked seventy years since the publication of the first issue of what is now known as ELT Journal. We delve into the archive as well as reflect on what the future holds in the anniversary collection.

Editor’s choice

Browse through the editor's pick of articles -- one paper from each issues of the ELT Journal is available to read online for free. You can also listen to the authors discuss their work, with our playlist of brief, introductory videos.

Editor’s Choice – Author Videos

Language teacher action research: achieving sustainability

By Emily Edwards and Anne Burns

The positive impacts of action research on language teacher development are well documented, but the important question of how those impacts can be sustained over time is virtually unexplored.

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What should we talk about? The authenticity of textbook topics

By Aki Siegel

Are the topics presented in textbooks useful for learners? We frequently discuss the authenticity of language in textbooks, but less often examine the topics being used and their relevance for students.

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Affordance, learning opportunities, and the lesson plan pro forma

By Jason Anderson

Anderson proposes an alternative, affordance-based approach to lesson planning and makes a number of practical suggestions to modify the pro forma and its role in lesson observation.

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Key Concepts in ELT

Positive assessments in teacher learning

This article examines the nature and effect of positive assessments in whole class interaction, and finds that positive assessments may not always maximize learning opportunities in potentially interaction-rich contexts.

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Creativity is attracting increasing attention in the field of ELT. From a practical point of view, teachers have a growing number of resources to tap into if they wish to add a more creative dimension to their classes and away from purely practical issues, there is also a need to understand certain underlying processes and principles relating to creativity.

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Within the field of education, collaboration comes in many guises: teacher collaboration in the classroom (peer teaching/team teaching), collaborative learning among learners themselves, collaborative research, and collaborative curriculum development, to name some of the most common. 

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ELT Journal Debates

2016: This house believes that teacher training is a waste of time

Every year ELTJ hosts a debate at the IATEFL conference on a different question relating to ELT.

Read a blog introducing the 2016 debate:

Teacher training: a waste of time?
by Graham Hall (Editor, ELT Journal)

2015: This house believes that Language testing does more harm than good

Read the arguments from the 2015 debate:

Language testing does more harm than good
by Richard Smith, Anthony Green, and Graham Hall

2014: This house believes that Primary ELT does more harm than good

Read an introduction to the 2014 ELTJ debate:

#IATEFL – This house believes that Primary ELT does more harm than good
by Graham Hall (Editor, ELT Journal)

Read reflections on the debate:

Janet Enever reflects on the #ELTJ Debate at #IATEFL 2014
by Janet Enever (Umea University, Sweden)

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About ELT Journal

ELT Journal provides a forum for informed discussion of the principles and practice of ELT. The Journal links the everyday concerns of practitioners, with insights gained from relevant academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, education, psychology, and sociology. 

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What’s the use of book reviews?

What are book reviews for? Who reads them, and why? What makes a good review?

 Alessia Cogo, Reviews Editor for ELT Journal, discusses answers to these questions in our blog post.

An editor's advice on writing for an academic journal

Do you want to write an article for an academic journal? Don’t know how to get started? Graham Hall, editor of ELT Journal, offers his tips and insight on the process in this blog post, covering everything from writing to the peer review process.

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