There is still debate surrounding what constitutes the most effective feedback on EFL learners’ writing, particularly in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) settings. Unanswered questions are found in the literature on topics such as the best formats for feedback, the role of technology, authors’ authority over written texts, and ways of helping learners develop into autonomous writers. This study explores students’ receptivity to an approach to giving feedback on essays which I have developed to address learners’ preferences, include various delivery formats, and help students develop into independent academic writers: learner-driven feedback (LDF). In LDF, the feedback is given to the students by the teacher, but the learners ‘direct’ how and on what they receive feedback comments. The findings from the detailed survey data highlight a high level of student receptivity, and several other compelling reasons for piloting LDF on EAP writing courses, many of which may also justify trialling the approach in other ELT classrooms.

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