There is growing interest in using digital multimodal composing (DMC) as an integral part of ELT pedagogy. While the use of DMC for multiliteracies development is well documented, the important question of how DMC can facilitate English learning is underexplored, particularly in EFL contexts. Drawing on findings from a DMC programme in China, this article investigates the affordances of DMC for EFL learning. Data from interviews and written reflections show that the integration of DMC in an EFL curriculum made available a range of technological, educational, and social affordances to students, with multifaceted and interconnected impacts on their EFL learning. The findings also show that it is possible to link DMC to students’ print-based literacy learning in EFL classrooms. Finally, this study proposes a framework to show how the affordances can facilitate students’ engagement with English learning. Implications for using DMC are also discussed.

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