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December 5 2016

Yo-yo dieting might cause extra weight gain.
University of Exeter

Yo-yo dieting 'triggers caveman response which can mean weight gain'
The Telegraph

Why Yo-Yo Dieting Leads to Long-Term Weight Gain
Mental Floss

How your yo-yo diet could actually make you gain weight
BBC Focus Magazine

Is Yo-Yo Dieting Really that Bad for You?
Reader's Digest

Read the article from EMPH:
An adaptive response to uncertainty can lead to weight gain during dieting attempts by A. D. Higginson, and J. M. McNamara

July 26 2016

Parents' age and the risk for autism and schizophrenia: Is the connection real?

Older Parents Are More At Risk Of Having Children With Autism.
Science World Report

Parental Age & Mental Illness: The Maternal Dimension.
Psychology Today

Read the article from EMPH:
Opposite differential risks for autism and schizophrenia based on maternal age, paternal age, and parental age differences by Sean G. Byars, and Jacobus J. Boomsma

April 8 2015

Could Mothers’ Milk Nourish Mind-Manipulating Microbes?
National Geographic

Read the articles from EMPH:
Illness in breastfeeding infants relates to concentration of lactoferrin and secretory Immunoglobulin A in mother’s milk by Alicia A. Breakey, Katie Hinde, Claudia R. Valeggia, Allison Sinofsky, and Peter T. Ellison

Milk bioactives may manipulate microbes to mediate parent–offspring conflict by Cary R. Allen-Blevins, David A. Sela, and Katie Hinde

March 7 2014

Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests.
Science News

Babies' Nighttime Cries Could Be Attempts At Being The Only Child, Keeping Their Mothers Infertile
Medical Daily

Why do babies cry at night?
Digital Journal

Read the article from EMPH:
Troubled sleep: Night waking, breastfeeding and parent–offspring conflict by David Haig
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