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Virtual Special Issue on Social Inequalities in the 21st Century

The European Sociological Review has a long legacy of publishing cutting-edge, theoretically driven empirical research on social inequalities. With this 2015 virtual special issue, we would like to bring attention to a number of recent contributions that extend previous approaches and shed light on social inequalities in the twenty-first century.

Our virtual special issue consists of a number of articles that take on different perspectives on contemporary social inequalities, ranging from the consequences of income inequality over migration, education, health, and poverty, to trust. They also cover a range of methodological approaches and research designs that not only include cross-national comparisons, but also panel data analyses and natural experiments.

It is our hope that this selection of recent articles provides readers with a glimpse into the breadth of methodological advances and substantive contributions featured in every issue of the European Sociological Review. We anticipate that it will generate further curiosity about the additional high-quality articles published in our regular issues. We hope you enjoy this selection.

Prof. Melinda Mills, Editor-in-Chief and Dr Patrick Präg, Deputy Editor

Articles free to access:

Ellwardt, Lea, Sascha Peter, Patrick Präg, and Nardi Steverink (2014)
Social Contacts of Older People in 27 European Countries. The Role of Welfare Spending and Economic Inequality

Breen, Richard, Herman G. van de Werfhorst, and Mads Meier Jæger (2014)
Deciding under Doubt. A Theory of Risk Aversion, Time Discounting Preferences, and Educational Decision-making

Dinesen, Peter Thisted (2013)
Where You Come From or Where You Live?
Examining the Cultural and Institutional Explanation of Generalized Trust Using Migration as a Natural Experiment

Kollmeyer, Christopher (2013)
Family Structure, Female Employment, and National Income Inequality. A Cross-National Study of 16 Western Countries

Delhey, Jan, and Georgi Dragolov (2014)
Why Inequality Makes Europeans Less Happy. The Role of Distrust, Status Anxiety, and Perceived Conflict

Präg, Patrick, Melinda Mills, and Rafael Wittek (2014)
Income and Income Inequality as Social Determinants of Health. Do Social Comparisons Play a Role?

Layte, Richard, and Christopher T. Whelan (2014)
Who Feels Inferior? A Test of the Status Anxiety Hypothesis of Social Inequalities in Health

Helbling, Marc, and Hanspeter Kriesi (2014)
Why Citizens Prefer High- Over Low-Skilled Immigrants. Labor Market Competition, Welfare State, and Deservingness

Nelson, Kenneth (2013)
Social Assistance and EU Poverty Thresholds 1990–2008. Are European Welfare Systems Providing Just and Fair Protection Against Low Income?

Semyonov, Moshe, and Noah Lewin-Epstein (2013)
Ways to Richness: Determination of Household Wealth in 16 Countries

van Deurzen, Ioana, Erik van Ingen, and Wim J. H. van Oorschot (2015)
Income Inequality and Depression: The Role of Social Comparisons and Coping Resources

Dewilde, Caroline, and Bram Lancee (2013)
Income Inequality and Access to Housing in Europe

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