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E-letters terms and conditions

Before submitting your E-letter, please read the following guidelines and the Licence to Publish.

When you submit an E-letter, you agree to the following which may be amended from time to time:


  • We aim to post within 10 days all E-letters that make a valid contribution to the topic; however, it is at the Editor-in-Chief's absolute discretion whether to publish. The Editor-in-Chief and Oxford University Press also reserve the right to edit E-letters before and after publication without consulting the author.
  • Your submission must be accompanied by accurate and complete author details including a functioning email address as you may be required to respond to enquiries.
  • Your name and institutional affiliation will be published with each E-letter. If you want your email address to appear on the website, include it in the body of the text of your E-letter.
  • All E-letters are eligible for publication in the paper version of The European Journal of Public Health and all other The European Journal of Public Health-related publications, in all cases in any present or future medium.
  • If patients could recognise themselves from your description please obtain their written consent to publication before sending your E-letter. You will be able to download the consent form from the submission page.
  • Your E-letters must be original and not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.
  • You must declare any competing financial interests. You will be able to read our guidance notes on the submission page.
  • Once your E-letter has been published on the website or in the print version of the journal, you will not have the right to have it removed or edited. The Editor-in-Chief and Oxford University Press shall, however, have the right to remove any E-letter at their discretion.

Licence to Publish

Before you submit any E-letters you must first read and agree to the following Licence to Publish. 

The European Public Health Association is hereby granted a licence to publish my E-letter in all languages and media and to grant third party permissions to republish my E-letter in whole or parts thereof in any medium, without limitation.

I warrant that my E-letter is free of plagiarism and that I have exercised reasonable care to ensure that it is accurate and, to the best of my knowledge, does not contain anything that is libellous, or obscene, or infringes on anyone's copyright, right of privacy, or other rights.

I warrant that I will declare any competing financial interests that I may have.

When you submit an E-letter, you agree to both the Guidelines and the Licence to Publish.

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