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Prof. Max Häggblom

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FEMS Microbiology Ecology publishes high quality papers that make a significant contribution to the field. It covers microorganisms in soil, aquatic and atmospheric habitats …

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Ecological differentiation in microbial populations in Yellowstone hot springs

The presence of minerals that can support microbial metabolism promotes the ecological differentiation of sediment- and planktonic-associated microbial populations.

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Microbial-viral habitability of sub-zero hypersaline aqueous inclusions

Measurements made from liquid brine within Arctic permafrost indicate an ancient marine origin, active viral–microbe dynamics and large amounts of extracellular polysaccharide substances.

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Functions of Trichoderma spp. and their secondary metabolites in the rhizosphere

Ecological functions of Trichoderma spp., which produce a number of secondary metabolites that play key roles in the rhizosphere affecting other microorganisms, insects and plants.

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Ecology of Soil Microorganisms

Exploring various aspects of soil microbial ecology, this issue has been created in association with the conference ‘Ecology of Soil Microorganisms – Microbes as important drivers of soil processes’.

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Microbe-assisted Crop Production

Bringing together research on various microbiological aspects of crop production, this issue has been prepared ahead of the International Symposium on Microbe-assisted crop production - opportunities, challenges and need.

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Polar and Alpine Microbiology

Focusing on the importance of knowledge of the distribution, biodiversity and functional roles of microorganisms inhabiting polar and alpine environments, this issue was prepared in association with the Sixth International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology.

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Peerwith allows you to find language editing experts specializing in microbiology and with FEMS Journals publishing experience. Get in touch with one of our hundreds of language experts by placing a request on the FEMS page.

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Thank you, from FEMS

We’d like to thank our reviewers for their contribution to FEMS Microbiology Ecology in 2015. We are sincerely grateful for your efforts. Click below to see a full list of reviewers.

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Call for Papers

Submit your paper on One Health, Dehalogenation, Inland Aquatic Ecosystems, and Polar and Alpine Microbiology today. Full instructions are available on our Call for Papers page.

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