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Virtual Issue on Baudelaire

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Charles Baudelaire. A number of events are expected to take place in the course of the year. French Studies and its sister publication French Studies Bulletin have over many decades been central in promoting scholarship on Baudelaire, thus offering a record of shifting perceptions of his work and its importance. To commemorate this landmark, the editors of both publications have put together a virtual issue that makes previously published items on Baudelaire freely accessible. The eleven articles from French Studies and the forty shorter pieces from French Studies Bulletin given here span five decades of scholarship on Baudelaire, from the 1970s through to the present. Many of the articles in French Studies Bulletin come in the form of rejoinders or responses to previous items. French Studies has also published a very large number of reviews of works about Baudelaire over the years, and these can be found by entering a search for ‘Baudelaire’ on the journal’s web page. The editors hope that scholars will find the present virtual issue on Baudelaire a helpful and useful resource.

French Studies Articles

French Studies Bulletin Articles

Baudelaire and Le Mercure de France, Norma Rinsler

Baudelaire and the origins of Feydeau's Sylvie, Joanna Richardson

Baudelaire's ‘Couvercle’, J. L. Busst

Baudelaire, son spleen et son couvercle, Jean-Dominique Biard

The first republication (February 1847) of Baudelaire's La Fanfarlo, J.H.B. Bennett

Baudelaire's Les Limbes (1848–52): ‘The Agitations and Melancholies of Modern Youth’, F. W. Leakey

Baudelaire and Spain, Glyn Hambrook

The paradoxical image in Baudelaire, P. W. M. Cogman

Les Fleurs du Mal (1858–65): The resuscitation of the ‘Pièces Sacrifiées’, F.W. Leakey

The ‘Pièces Sacrifiées’ of 1857 and the later editions of Les Fleurs Du Mal, Richard D. E. Burton

Baudelaire's ‘Pièces Sacrifiées’ of 1857: a brief rejoinder, F. W. Leakey

Baudelaire's parrot: borrowed from Goethe?, Ann Kennedy

Baudelaire's Parrot: it's all bull … finch, Michael Pakenham

The potential sonnet in Baudelaire, P. W. M. Cogman

The dead father: a note on ‘Le Cygne’ and The Iliad, Richard D. E. Burton

Baudelaire's parrot and Banville's parrot, Eileen Souffrin-Le Breton

Baudelaire's potential sonnets, Rachel Killick

Baudelaire's parrots?, Sheila Vince

Some reflections on ‘La Belle Dorothée’, Rosemary Lloyd

Colonel Aupick: an unpublished letter, Joanna Richardson

Baudelaire and the case of the empty grave: another corpse goes missing, Graham Robb

Further speculations on ‘La Belle Dorothée’, Rosemary Lloyd

L'homme à la pipe: some correspondence about Courbet's portrait of Baudelaire, Joanna Richardson

More on the mirror of ‘La Belle Dorothee’, Eileen Souffrin-Le Breton

‘Les Quatre Crépuscules de la grande ville’: Baudelaire and Désaugiers, F. W. Leakey

Baudelaire for net surfers: French Studies and the Internet, Tony Mcneill And Charlie Mansfield

Banville and the First Edition of Les Fleurs du Mal (with unpublished letters to Poulet-Malassis), Eileen Souffrin-Le Breton

Baudelaire, Wilde, the actress and the mask, Barbara Wright

The remembered moment: Baudelaire, Laforgue, Eliot, Anne Holmes

Dante's Divine Comedy as intertext of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal, Francesca La Marca

Retour a Cythère: Baudelairean intertext in Jeanne Hyvrard, Helen Vassallo

Poetry and music: a doomed love affair?, Helen Abbott

‘Decadence’ et ‘Style Cosmopolite’: note sur Chateaubriand et Baudelaire, Andrea Schellino

Baudelaire à Honfleur ou ‘L'enfance Recréée à Volonté’, Massimiliano Aravecchia

Masculine hegemony and feminine alterity in Baudelaire's ‘À une Mendiante Rousse’, Daniel Finch-Race

Further reflections on early translations of Baudelaire in Spain 1876–1910, Glyn Hambrook

Bien loin de Pétrarque: sur quelques ‘Irrégularités’ du sonnet Baudelairien, Steve Murphy

Baudelaire, Lacaussade and the historical identity of ‘La Belle Dorothée’, Alexander Ockenden

Baudelaire, la cuisine Belge et les ‘Omelettes de M. Nadar’, Andrea Schellino

Les Fleurs du Mal in limbo: the non-appearance of Les Limbes revisited French Studies, Michael J. Tilby

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