Recent Doctorates Awarded in French/Francophone Studies by Institutions in the UK and Ireland

The Society for French Studies congratulates Danielle Amy Berrow, Joanne Brueton, Géraldine Crahay, Kaya Davies Hayon, Adrian May, Katarzyna Maria Mike and Hannah Morcos on the award of their doctorates.


Institution: University of St Andrews

Date of award/Conferment of degree: 7 March 2016

Thesis title: Madame de Genlis: Environment, Citizenship, and the Nation in Post-Revolutionary France

Short abstract: Through an ecocritical lens, this thesis investigates Madame de Genlis’s depiction of post-Revolutionary France. At the heart of the ecocritical project is the notion that humankind must re-evaluate its relationship with the endangered natural world in order to protect the ecosphere; ecocriticism provides tools for re-conceptualizing the ways human communities...

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Article PDF first page preview
Article PDF first page preview
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