Molluscs are the second most species rich phylum in the animal kingdom, yet only eleven genomes have been published so far. To complement the scarce genomic resources, we present the draft genome sequence of the pulmonate freshwater snail Radix auricularia. Six whole genome shotgun libraries with different layouts were sequenced to an overall read coverage of 73x. The resulting assembly comprises 4,823 scaffolds with a cumulative length of 910 Mb. The assembly contains 94.6% of a metazoan core gene collection, indicating an almost complete coverage of the coding fraction. The discrepancy of ∼690 Mb compared to the estimated genome size of R. auricularia (1.6 Gb) results from a extraordinary high repeat content of 70% mainly comprising DNA transposons. The 17,338 annotated protein coding genes. The presented draft will serve as starting point for further genomic and population genetic research in this scientifically important phylum.

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