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High Scoring Altmetric

Explore the Top 10 highest scoring Altmetric articles from Genome Biology and Evolution:

  1. On the Immortality of Television Sets: “Functions” in the Human Genome According to the Evolution-Free Gospel of ENCODE
    Dan Graur, Yichen Zheng, Nicholas Price, Ricardo B.R. Azevedo, Rebecca A. Zufall, and Eran Elhaik
  2. The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses
    Eran Elhaik
  3. First Ancient Mitochondrial Human Genome from a Prepastoralist Southern African
    Alan G. Morris, Anja Heinze, Eva K.F. Chan, Andrew B. Smith, and Vanessa M. Hayes
  4. An Evolutionary Classification of Genomic Function
    Dan Graur, Yichen Zheng and Richardo B.R. Azevedo
  5. Polar Bears Exhibit Genome-Wide Signatures of Bioenergetic Adaptation to Life in the Arctic Environment
    Andreanna J. Welch, Oscar C. Bedoya-Reina, Lorenzo Carretero-Paulet, Webb Miller, Karyn D. Rode, and Charlotte Lindqvist
  6. Highlight: Out of Khazaria – Evidence for “Jewish Genome” Lacking
    Danielle Venton
  7. Distinguishing between “Function” and “Effect” in Genome Biology
    W. Ford Doolittle, Tyler D.P. Brunet, Stefan Linquist, and T. Ryan Gregory
  8. Massive Losses of Taste Receptor Genes in Toothed and Baleen Whales
    Ping Feng, Jinsong Zheng, Stephen J. Rossiter, Ding Wang, and Huabin Zhao
  9. The Magellania venosa Biomineralizing Proteome: A Window into Brachiopod Shell Evolution
    Daniel J. Jackson, Karlheinz Mann, Vreni Häussermann, Markus B. Schilhabel, Carsten Lüter, Erika Griesshaber, Wolfgang Schmahl, and Gert Wörheide
  10. Genome-Wide Search Identifies 1.9 Mb from the Polar Bear Y Chromosome for Evolutionary Analyses
    Tobias Bidon, Nancy Schreck, Frank Hailer, Maria A. Nilsson, and Axel Janke
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