Harold Heatwole, North Carolina State University

Assistant Editor

Nancy Cochran, North Carolina State University

Editorial Board

Divisional Representatives

    Animal Behavior (DAB)

        Diana K. Hews (2013), Indiana State University

    Comparative Biomechanics (DCB)

        Adam Summers (2012), University of Washington

    Comparative Endocrinology (DCE)

        Robert John Denver (2013), University of Michigan

    Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (DCPB)

        Charles E. Booth (2011), Eastern Connecticut State University

    Developmental and Cell Biology (DDCB)

        Richard Elinson (2013), Duquesne University

    Ecology and Evolution (DEE)

        Dianna Padilla (2012), SUNY Stony Brook

    Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB)

        Paulyn Cartwright (2013), University of Kansas

    Invertebrate Zoology (DIZ)

        Robert W. Thacker (2014), University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Neurobiology (DNB)

        Roger Croll (2013), Dalhousie University

    Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (DSEB)

        Richard Mooi (2014), California Academy of Sciences

    Vertebrate Morphology (DVM)

        Melina Hale (2011), University of Chicago


        José E. P. W. Bicudo (2014), University of São Paulo, Brazil

        Maria Byrne (2013), University of Sydney, Australia

        Guy Charmantier (2011), Université Montpelier, France

        Claus Nielsen (2011), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

        Hans O. Pörtner (2013), Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Germany

Executive Officers, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology


        Richard A. Satterlie (2011)


        Kenneth P. Sebens (2011)

    Past President

        John S. Pearse (2011)


        Louis E. Burnett (2012)

    Program Officer

        Brian K. Tsukimura (2012)

    Past Program Officer

        Eduardo Rosa-Molinar (2011)


        Robert D. Roer (2013)


        Jacqueline Webb (2011)

        Adam P. Summers (2012)

        Sally Leys (2013)

    Divisional Chairs

        DAB Chair: Marilyn Ramenofsky (2013)

        DCB Chair: Robert Full (2011)

        DCE Chair: Mark Sheridan (2012)

        DCPB Chair: James W. Hicks (2012)

        DDCB Chair: Karen Crawford (2011)

        DEDB Chair: Mark Q. Martindale (2012)

        DEE Chair: Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (2011)

        DIZ Chair: Dianna K. Padilla (2012)

        DNB Chair: James A. Murray (2011)

        DSEB Chair: Patrick O'Connor (2012)

        DVM Chair: Mark Westneat (2011)

    Editor-in-Chief, ICB: Harold F. Heatwole (2016)

    SPDAC Chair: Peggy RuthAnne Biga (2013)

    Ed. Council Chair: Robert D. Podolsky (2012)

    Executive Director: Brett J. Burk

Cover image: The cover shows animals that belong to the clade Odontaster (sea stars), from the Southern Ocean. Top left: Odontaster individuals at Rothera Research Station, Antarctica (Photo: Terri Souster). Top right: close up of Odontaster penicillatus (Photo: A.M. Janosik). Bottom left: bipinnaria larval stage (Photo: Halanych Lab). Bottom right: North Bay, Rothera Research Station, Antarctica (Photo: A.M. Janosik). Submitted by A.M. Janosik, “Unrecognized Antarctic Biodiversity: A Case Study of the Genus Odontaster (Odontasteridae; Asteroidea).”