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Seascape Ecology special collection

This collection illustrates the variety of Seascape Ecology papers published recently in the ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Click on the links below to read the full text free online.

Observing and managing seascapes: linking synoptic oceanography, ecological processes, and geospatial modelling
Manuel Hidalgo, David H. Secor, Howard I. Browman

Seascapes are not landscapes: an analysis performed using Bernhard Riemann's rules
John Pilling Manderson

Seascapes as a new vernacular for pelagic ocean monitoring, management and conservation
Maria T. Kavanaugh, Matthew J. Oliver, Francisco P. Chavez, Ricardo M. Letelier, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Scott C. Doney

Pelagic seascape ecology for operational fisheries oceanography: modelling and predicting spawning distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna in Western Mediterranean
Diego Alvarez-Berastegui, Manuel Hidalgo, María Pilar Tugores, Patricia Reglero, Alberto Aparicio-González, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Mélanie Juza, Baptiste Mourre, Ananda Pascual, José Luís López-Jurado, Alberto García, José María Rodríguez, Joaquín Tintoré, Francisco Alemany

Ensemble squid habitat model using three-dimensional ocean data
Irene D. Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masafumi Kamachi, Toshiyuki Awaji, Masaki Seito

Changes in habitat utilization of slope-spawning flatfish across a bathymetric gradient
Cathleen D. Vestfals, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Gerald R. Hoff

Modelled connectivity between Walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) spawning and age-0 nursery areas in warm and cold years with implications for juvenile survival
Colleen M. Petrik, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson, Frederic Castruccio, Enrique N. Curchitser, Seth L. Danielson, Katherine Hedstrom, Franz Mueter

Community–environment interactions explain octopus-catshark spatial overlap
Patricia Puerta, Mary E. Hunsicker, Manuel Hidalgo, Patricia Reglero, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Antonio Esteban María González, Antoni Quetglas

Using habitat association models to predict Alewife and Blueback Herring marine distributions and overlap with Atlantic Herring and Atlantic Mackerel: can incidental catches be reduced?
Sara M. Turner, John P. Manderson,David E. Richardson, John J. Hoey, Jonathan A. Hare

Identifying environmental factors associated with the genetic structure of the New Zealand scallop: linking seascape genetics and ecophysiological tolerance
Catarina N. S. Silva, Jonathan P. A. Gardner

Modelling the effect of demographic traits and connectivity on the genetic structuration of marine metapopulations of sedentary benthic invertebrates
Mariana Padrón, Katell Guizien

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